[REVIEW] Bound

Series: the Caelian Cycle #2
Donnielle Tyner
 young adult, science fiction, dystopia, fantasy, romance
 October 19, 2015
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Bound by Vengeance.
Sadie has found the resolve to fight the man who caused so much pain in her life. Her tentative alliance with the HCA underground gives her the resources to train both her body and Talent for when she comes face to face with her grandfather.  
Bound by Loss.
Being separated from her friends at St Vincent’s is harder than she could have ever realized and it doesn’t help that Kian has withdrawn from her as well. With help from a new friend, Sadie uncovers more about her past and that someone close to her has been keeping secrets from Sadie her entire life. 
Bound by Fear.
Tragedy strikes close to home, giving a longstanding enemy, one desperate and willing to do anything to have Sadie on their side, an opportunity to arise. Allies and friends come together to stand against evil, but at a terrible cost. Sadie’s history and future collide while the world is thrown into chaos. 
Sadie must overcome or forever be Bound.

*             *             *

I read Lost a couple of months ago. It reminded me of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi in a good way. Bound is more like that usual bridge book. It's the second book in the series. It ignited the revolution that we all know is currently on its way to bursting.

Bound's prologue immediately refreshed me of the first book. While the first book established the world, this second book revealed things, strengthen its characters, and generally set up the things that could possibly happen in the third book - Unification.

“Unification is the idea that norms and Caelians can live in a world without division. It’s a vision of perfect unity among all members of humanity.” -p109.1 via Calibre Reader

There were a great deal of things that happened in Bound but I never really felt overwhelmed by them. I like how things progressed. There were times when they'd be so thrilling I literally missed what's happening around me (for real!). There also times when I felt sorry for Sadie, there were just so unfortunate things that come her way in here.

Bound allowed me to love Sadie even more. She's going through a lot here and it's really great to see her take everything and not break down. I like how she cares a lot for the people around her. The evolution of her Talent is a very interesting development. I'd really love to see her use it.

“I want to bleach my eyeballs, but as painful as that may be I’ll never get the visual of you two going at it like horny rabbits out of my head.” He [Luca] shook his head as if he were trying to dislodge the sight of Kian and I kissing. -p168.4 via Calibre Reader

Luca is one awesome friend! I LOVE LUCA! Okay, he strongly reminded me of Kenji from Shatter Me but he and Sadie doesn't really have those heart-to-heart moments but really, he's the funny man here. And have I mentioned that I ship Luca and Rebecca?

The romance between Sadie and Kian felt better here. I like how Kian supports Sadie even though he's against some of her decisions. I also like how it's not all over the book now - like she's always thinking about him or what. This time around, I feel like things are well balanced out. The romance is there but it's not overpowering the story. What I did not like though is how Sadie only looks at Kian when it comes to her source of strength. It kind of disappoints me and makes me want to remind her that her friends, Rebecca, Luca, and the rest are still there.

OVERALL, Bound is a great sequel with revelations, action, thrill, and feels. Like usual second book series, Bound prepares its readers for the upcoming fight which I'm really thrilled to read (that ending!! I was like, now what? WHAT!?). Bound is a highly recommended read for those who enjoy dystopian novels, fighting for equality, and characters with unusual skills (or powers).

*             *             *

What I Like: (1) the pacing (thrilling, it absorbed me!), (2) how it strongly reminds me of Shatter Me (only THIS IS BETTER!), (3) the action - so many things going on, battles fought, bombs exploded!, (4) Luca (definitely my fave character in here), (5) the bits of news clippings, reports, and letters in between chapters
What I Didn’t Like: (1) Sadie only looking at Kian for strength (when her friends are actually there, and Ms. LaMotte!),

~I received this book in exchange for an honest review~

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