ENIGMA – Chapter 48: Uncovered

After the sudden blackout, the real identity of the cannibal is revealed. 

Once the light went back in, right in front of Sumio is Akame Tsutomu with the Masked Man's clothing down on the floor. He regrets suspecting the Masked Man who seems like a real gentleman from the beginning. Tsutomu threatened Sumio and the president saying that he'd be eating the president on the next stop. While Sumio and Tsutomu are arguing, the president noticed that Yuuyami City can now be seen from the windows. What caught his attention more is seeing the empty city. Upon seeing the empty city, Sumio concluded that what happened to the city is similar to the train station. He checked his phone and noticed that the signals went up. He tried calling Shigeru whom he presumes to be at Gaikotsu Island.

On the other side of the story, Kirio suddenly got a new prison guard. The new guard, Kuroiwa, informed him that Kijima was actually fired for obeying Kirio's orders. Now, Kuroiwa is ready to ‘educate’ Kirio until he becomes obedient; but then, who said that Kirio will just give up so easily? Without the prison guard knowing, Kirio took the prison guard's wallet (is it?) with his wife’s picture and threaten him with who-knows-what Kirio could do to his wife.

Going back to the train, Sumio suddenly heard Kirio. Also, out of nowhere, Tsutomu made his move. He brought out a knife and injured the president. With Sumio in rage, he threatened Tsutomu saying that he would be the one getting off at the next station. Finally, the third stop of the train is unexpectedly Yuuyami Prison, the prison where Kirio is kept.

With what happened during the past couple of chapters, what many expected turns out wrong. While I was reading speculations, many people said that the cannibal has to be the president. I think that the president being the cannibal seems exciting because it's something even Sumio wouldn't expect. Sumio suspected the Masked Man being the cannibal because he has a safe box on his head which makes him look suspicious enough. Plus, his act of being a gentleman and knowing Sumio's ability just adds up to his suspiciousness. Anyway, with Tsutomu being the cannibal just disappointed me though it's probably not what everyone expected; but then, who knows, there could still be an even better twist like a what-if the president really is the cannibal and Tsutomu is just being used as a distraction. Who knows? Also, what disappointed me here is the Masked Man being taken away just like that after building up his character. I'm quite curious as to what Sasaki-sensei is thinking here. Now, there’re quite a number of things that seems to raise the suspense. What I’m thinking right now is where exactly is Shigeru since it was shown that she’s in another station. The fourth station perhaps? As for the new battle ground, Yuuyami Prison, and three hours of time it will surely take a couple of chapters to end this. I'm looking forward to a great Yuuyami Prison-arc here.

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