-blacksheep's small and growing collection of anime figures.

Last Saturday, I was cleaning up my room and decided to re-arrange my stuff. I pictured it so that I can share it to other people as well(: Now let me go through my small collection.

~on some side notes, by December 20, I'll be back to regular blogging. I'll try my best to give an update or reviews on the series I watched for the season.

SO here're the boxes of my collections. The gunpla boxes over at the left are empty because they're all displayed while the 3 nendoroid boxes lined up at the center are not(: I don't always display my nendoroids. At the far right is a FuRyu figure of Tachibana Kanade Handsonic ver. Now let's look further on them as I talk about my quick history on collecting nendroids(:

Prior to the knowledge of nendoroids, I started building a couple of gunpla. As you can see, I have three: HG Justice Gundam (from MSG SEED), Cherudim Gundam and Arios Gundam (from MSG 00 Second Season). I'm not an expert gunpla builder and I decided to build them just for fun. I actually enjoyed building gunpla but I don't know really know about customizing them. Although the thought of customizing them cross my mind when I came across this blog, it was already too late. Nendoroids started invading my collection. LOL.

How did I find out about nendoroids? I think it was when I started blogging more than a year ago and was browsing over blogs and came across Wan Abrar and this news post by Rei. Although that didn't convinced me enough to actually buy nendoroids. I admired them from a far.

SO what convinced me to actually consider this hobby? It all started on this post by ruoani. When I saw his photoshoot of Angel Beats! Nendoroid Petit Set 02, I was jealous -_- I wanted one as well. BUT of course I didn't buy immediately. It was on my 20th birthday (which was a few months later) that my sister gifted me a nendoroid. Yup, my first nendoroid was a gift. Well actually I asked her to gift it to me. LOL. My first nendoroid is actually MakiseKurisu from Steins;Gate. After buying Kurisu, I pre-ordered Hakase from Nichijou and Ichika Takatsuki from AnoNatsu over at a local online store and the rest is history…

Yeah, I don't have pictures of my nendoroids off box right now :3 Although I'll probably post some soon since I do plan to try and write a review for my newest nendoroid which is not included in here since I got her last Monday(:

NOW for the last figure displayed in my 'shelf', Tachibana Kanade Handsonic ver by FuRyu. Not really the prettiest Tenshi figure out there but that's the only thing I can find and afford back then. LOL. If you ask me, I actually want GSC's Tenshi but it's damn expensive -_-

Well that's my collection as of now. I'll definitely have more soon since I still have Hakase and Tanigawa Kanna from AnoNatsu in pre-order. AND I do plan to order Frau Koujirou from ROBITICS;NOTES, I'm just looking for money so that I can pay the down payment. LOL. AND anyone out there from the Philippines know where I can get Shinonome Nano from Nichijou and Mashiro Moritaka from Bakuman. in stock? :3 Aside from this growing collection of nendoroids, I also plan to go for Kotobukiya's Cu-Poche since they're so cute but it still depends on the characters they'll release. But I'm actually eyeing on their Black Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters :3

~thanks for reading(: I'm just relaxing myself from all the studies I'm doing at the time being -_- Writing this sure was fun(: AND, if anyone is interested, I also have an MFC account: -blacksheep
~on a side note, pardon the bad pictures. I was just using my phone's camera -_- but I'll definitely use an actual camera when I do my nendoroid review soon…

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