[STACKING THE SHELVES] Where did my vacation go?

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted at Tynga’s Reviews.


I just bought these books the moment I went back to school (okay, I bought them last Saturday, my last school day for the week). AAND I’m really glad to finally get my hands on these two! Especially the 5th Wave!

The Perfectionists. This is my first Sara Shepard book. I never cared about her previous books because I thought that I won’t like them but really reading through their blurbs, maybe I just might like them. The Perfectionists is quite intriguing. I’m really excited to read this!
The 5th Wave. I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS BOOK AND NOW I HAVE IT. I FINALLY HAVE THE 5TH WAVE. Enough with the allcaps. I don’t read alien books just because I’m not interested in them. At all. Of all sci-fi ideas, I think the idea of aliens is one of those I’ve been avoiding. And now because of all the people raving about this book, I just have to read this! (I’m definitely getting The Infinite Sea this coming week!).


*             *             *

Last month was supposed to be my vacation but things happened. My grandfather passed away so things have been very busy.

NOW I’m back to school (actually I went back last Tuesday). I’m finally going through some real major subjects. I have non-linear editing, graphic designs, photography, and a few more things. I’m both nervous and excited for these courses.

Recent Read.
Melt by Selene Castrovilla. A romance like no other. Insta-love. Abuse and violence. Writing I won’t forget for quite some time. My review for this will be up soon :)
Current Read.
The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I loved Marie Lu’s Legend Trilogy but The Young Elites just isn’t working to me as much as it worked to almost everyone else. I’m blaming it to my lack of interest on high-fantasy.
Tin Lily by Joann Swanson. Realistic fiction. Traumatized character. This is just those kind of reads I’m trying to get myself into and somehow it’s working.
Next Read.
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I’ve already set my November TBR but after I got my hands on this one, I really just NEED to read it immediately.
Tunnel Vision by Aric Davis. Crime fiction + mystery thriller. I requested for this book because I’m currently digging crime fiction and the blurb kind of sounds interesting. Now that I’ve read a couple of reviews, I’m crossing my fingers I won’t hate this.

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