My 2nd academic year in my university just ended last week. It was a really tiring year for me especially with all my major subjects joining together with opening up my blog again :) It was a real roller coaster ride for me. Balancing everything was driving me crazy (and I barely did that, really).

I don't really understand why but I NEED to attend Summer classes this April. I have three good weeks of vacation and I really want to maximize it :) I have a great deal of things in mind but I'd like to start things up with setting the things I'd like to read & watch over my short vacation. I posted some books I intend to read over the season a few days back.

I'm currently rereading Red Rising just because I want to. I'm hoping to finish it soon and proceed to these five books I found people suggests more:

Golden Son by Pierce Brown | Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard | Material Girls by Elaine Dimopoulos | Scarlet by Marissa Meyer | Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M Lee | Mary Hades by Sarah Dalton 

Okay, so no one suggested Golden Son to me. I really just want to read it soon. Definitely right after Red Rising. There was so much hype around Red Queen. It had a lot of raves and disappointed reviews. Totally mixed but I already bought it so there's no backing out now. I really want to see how it is for myself. Material Girls is just so interesting to pass. So when I had the opportunity to grab it, I did. Hopefully it won't disappoint me. Scarlet is a definite read for me after I read and loved Cinder. AND I already have both Cress and Fairest on my shelf :) Gates of Thread and Stone had mixed thoughts. I'm not a fantasy read but the positive reviews were really getting into me. I read My Daylight Monsters a few days back and I enjoyed it although not completely love it. But still, I think reading Mary Hades is pretty much worth a shot.

I'll most likely read these books in this order unless other people suggest other books or convince me to read something earlier (but nothing will come earlier than Golden Son I tell you, LOL). I'm kind of a slow reader so I went with six books for three weeks. Two books a week: 1 physical book & 1 ebook. If there're books you guys think I have and should read first, just comment them away! :)

Aside from reading, I'm also going back to watching anime. I planned the series I'll watch over my three weeks of vacation. I want to catch up with all the series I missed but that will definitely me impossible since I practically missed out on an entire year of anime. SO I decided to just pick up five series from my huge backlog. Nothing from the Winter 2015 season yet. Again, if there're any series you want me to read, just comment it away :)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Doga Kobo) | Ace of Diamond (Mad House x Production I.G) | Zankyou no Terror (MAPPA) | Ao Haru Ride (Production I.G) | Amagi Brilliant Park (Kyoto Animation) | PSYCHO-PASS 2 (Tatsunoko Production)

I'm currently watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun now. It's fun and all. Not the sparkly shoujo romance anime but more like a plain fun rom-com and it's really worth while but not for people who wants to get some feels or pure romance or a whole lot of story. Ace of Diamond was my most recent addition to my fave anime. I reached around episode 50 before I stop watching. I'd like to fully go back to anime through this adrenaline pumping anime. I plan to marathon this series right from the beginning until the end (episode 75). Zankyou no Terror will be my dose of sci-fi and overthinking. As far as I can remember it's an series with a sociopath and a psychopath. I used to get interested in anime series with this psychological element. I've reached around half of Ao Haru Ride. It wasn't what I expected. It felt that it didn't really focus on the romance but more on the development of the heroine - that is as far as I can remember based on the episodes I watched months ago. I've only see one episode of Amagi Brilliant Park and it was hell hilarious. It had that Chu-2 Byou comedy style wrapped in KyoAni's beautiful animation. Finally, PSYCHO-PASS is a MUST watch for all sci-fi fans out there may you be an anime or non-anime fan. I really recommend it :)

I don't really think I'll be able to watch all these six but I'm hoping at least three of these since all of which are 1-cour shows (meaning 1-season shows, about 12 or 13 episodes long) except for Ace of Diamond which goes for around 7-cours (I think).

*             *             *

If there's anything you'd like to recommend to me, may it be books or anime (or even manga), just comment away and I will definitely take note of everything. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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