[REVIEW] Baxter's Draw

Series: the Lockwood Legacy #2 
Juliette Harper
 adult, romance, contemporary, realistic fiction, mystery
 February 8, 2015
 Skye House Publishing
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Kate, Jenny, and Mandy. The daughters who inherited Langston Lockwood’s millions and his mysteries. In this, the second book of The Lockwood Legacy, the women uncover not just the secret of Baxter’s Draw, but the secret of their father’s hidden life. Return to the Rocking L for the next part of the sisters’ journey to discover the truth about their family and to understand their own roles in The Lockwood Legacy.

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Langston’s Daughters was a really good mystery that involves family. It really absorbed me. I love the connection between the sisters and how the romance slowly develops throughout the novel. When it ended in such a cliffhanger, I got really excited to pick up Baxter’s Draw.

Baxter’s Draw answered a few questions from Langston’s Daughters. It developed the sisters even more as well as their personal relationships. It introduced a few more factors in Langston’s mystery.

While Langston’s Daughters introduced the mystery-side of the story well, Baxter’s Draw reinforced it with further making Langston a more surprising man. After finding out Langston’s past, his daughters grew more curious about all the things they seem to not know about their father. His death not only caused their lives to change, it also allowed them to know him further.

Langston’s Daughters was a very intriguing novel. Baxter’s Draw, on the other hand, focused on some historical aspects which was really interesting. In the beginning of the novel, we were introduced to Lowell J. Martin aka Jake, an archaeologist, who's more than willing to know what really lies in Baxter's Draw. True enough, together with Langston's daughters, he discovered hidden golds in the Draw. I really love how it incorporated history in the story. Jake nicely laid down some interesting historical fictional facts that made the whole searching for Langston's treasure more interesting.

While I initially had mixed feelings for the girls, Baxter's Draw made me love them especially Kate whom I think was somehow not given as much attention as Jenny and Mandy in the first book. It also showed that each girl really have that bravery and strength in them even Mandy, the most gentle and taken care of. There were a lot of developments around the girls along with their romantic relationships. And I'm really hoping great things for Kate after seeing her nice relationship with Jake :)

OVERALL, Baxter's Draw is a nicely written story about family and relationships that incorporated mystery nicely. It's a really good read. I love the whole historical aspect. It revealed a few things and opened up a couple more intriguing facts to explore regarding Langston's past. While this one didn't worked out for me as much as Langton's Daughters, it really made me excited for the next book, Alice's Portrait. 

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What I Like: (1) the historical aspect that's incorporated in the mystery, (2) (still) the sweet romance, (3) the development on the girls, (4) how the men feel so much like family already, (5) that cliffhanger!!

What I Didn’t Like: (1) the pace felt slower as compared to Langston's Daughters

~this book was provided in exchange for an honest review~

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