[REVIEW] Falling Into Place

Series: N/A
Amy Zhang
 young adult, contemporary, realistic fiction, mental illness, romance
 September 9, 2014
 Greenwillow Books

She would be an object in motion that would stay in motion, even if it meant flattening everything in her path.
Inertia, force, mass, gravity, velocity, acceleration... cause and effect. Liz Emerson doesn't understand any of it. But I do. I understand how we fall. Where we fall. Why we fall. I understand her sadness and loneliness and silence, her shattered heart. It doesn't have to be this way, does it? It wasn't always this way, was it?
Stay alive, Liz Emerson, stay alive.

*             *             *

Falling Into Place was one of my most anticipated books for 2014 but I never had the chance to get it until a couple of months ago and never had the chance to read it until a week ago. While I absolutely adore it, it just fall off in some sense to me because it heavily resembles Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall and Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why. If I've never read both, I'd probably love this book so much and add it to my fave shelf without a second thought.

Liz Emerson tried to commit suicide by driving her car off the road. She was a bitch. She ruined people's lives. She reminded me of Samantha from Before I Fall. Yet at the same time, she ended up being tormented by all these things. She felt that she wasn't worthy of living because of all the things she did. Falling Into Place is a book that took a me a few more thinking before really writing this review. I was really thinking about Liz, her life, and how it actually made an impact to me personally.

The story telling style is really good. I like it's 'non-linear' way of telling the story. We go through the past, present, and the time when Liz drove her car. The writing was brilliant. It didn't confuse me. In fact, it even made me love the story even more. It allowed me to really understand and appreciate Liz's story.

Falling Into Place showed life's cliché-ness. It showed how we usually don't care about the effect of our actions. It showed us that things really do build up over time. It showed us that some people really don't care about what happens. It showed us that there are people who really care but we fail to notice. In an inspirational-sense, I really fell in love with Falling Into Place. It took me quite a while before I really see its beauty after finishing it because it reminds me of those mentioned books as I read it.

OVERALL, Falling Into Place is a MUST READ. It's a very uplifting book. Inspiration. Well Written.

*             *             *

What I Like: (1) the non-linear way of telling the story, (2) its inspirational aspect, (3) the close people around Liz (ohgod, the characters were really great), (4) how realistic Liz is - you can really see where she's coming from and how her mind worked, (5) the really beautiful ending,

What I Didn’t Like: (1) how it was heavily similar to other books

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