Bakuman. 3 05: just how much length would one go through to get something?

~another late post. I'll go watch ep6 tomorrow(:

Honestly speaking I was never a fan of Shiratori Shun (Iguchi Yuuichi). I find his arc pretty boring when I read it back then and I still have the same view now that I've watched it. But despite how much I find Shiratori uninteresting, his arc can be viewed in an inspirational way.

Shiratori's story is very typical. Although it doesn't involve writing manga or drawing, I've defintiely seen several stories with a similar context in TV dramas. What differs Shiratori's story is its inspirational factor and good story telling done by Ohba-sensei.

Not going through the details of the episode, Shiratori's determination of being a mangaka is very encouraging. I envy him for having the guts and strength to leave his family, his home, just because his mother is against of what he wants to do. What only made me disappointed in this story is how it actually resembles Mashiro's story but Shiratori had it heavier (that very inconsiderate mother).

Now going to Ashirogi's side of the episode, their problem regarding PCP not being allowed to have an anime is disappointing. The only solution that Mashiro can possibly think of right now is starting another series. BUT he has to take in consideration that Takagi will be writing Rabuta & Peace and he still can't draw fast enough to handle two series weekly. Niizuma sure is amazing~

By the end of the episode, Mashiro finally had an idea how to draw faster thanks to Shiratori and his skill should be tested in upcoming Super Leaders Fest. Despite how we still have in mind that Takagi will be writing for Rabuta &Peace, when he said: if I wasn't working on Rabuta & Peace, you wouldn't have objected, right? tells us that somehow, he'll find a way not to write Rabuta & Peace so that he can participate in the contest with Mashiro as Ashirogi Mutou.

With how much I can recall from the manga, I believe that Takagi's time with Shiratori will be another struggle for Ashirogi Mutou. As for the contest, if I remember it correctly, this will be the really fun battle of romance oneshots :3 Now I just remembered Hiramaru's submission. LOL~

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