BTOOOM! 05: you give them the name and they'll do the dirty work for you. Nice going Tyrannos Japan.

I just really like how this series is going. I like how everything is being shown and done carefully. The structure of the first three episodes was given in a way that the events that happened to Himiko in ep2 was simultaneously going on with Sakamoto's experiences in ep1 and ep3.

The introduction of this episode was pretty interesting - a look back on what had happened so far. It feels like this is where the real story begins.

There're mainly two things that got stuck to me in this episode. First is the meeting of Himiko and Sakamoto and second, the idea of the players' selection in the game. Now let me get to the first thing, Himiko and Sakamoto's 2nd meeting turned out as I expected. Himiko's anger at men is clearly shown. She wouldn't even join Sakamoto is she wasn't able to stun herself accidentally.

The quick battle was pretty interesting to watch. How Himiko actually lured Sakamoto out was pretty surprising. I didn't expect her to think of something like that and move quickly to where Sakamoto went to. Hmmm… Their quick learning of things is kind of surprising but Himiko's case is probably due to her experiences. I'm not talking about her speed and adaptation to the environment but to her use of BIMs. As for Sakamoto, he's probably relying on his game strategies. NEETs. HAHA.

Now for the second thing that caught my attention, I think that I have mentioned in a previous post that I've been wondering how they were chosen. This episode just cleared everything out. So being a BTOOOM! player is just a mere coincidence. It completely answers the question why Kousuke's father and lawyer got involved in this mess. Given this way of choosing the players of this survival game, I'm raising another question: how did those people (the people who sent them there) knew about it? - the survival game for people to disappear. Hmmm… That sure is suspicious.

BUT still the number one mystery in here is why is this happening? I still can't see any reason why and I'm pretty sure that they'll reveal it an episode of two before the series ends. If they do so, they better do a second season or else I'll end up being seriously disappointed of this series.

As of this episode, I'm still enjoying the story, the presentation of the episode and the battle scenes. This episode's cliffhanger is pretty interesting. So they don't only have to run away form people, huh? On a side note, I'm really looking at Taira-san as someone who's merely using Sakamoto. x_x damn that fat old man.
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