Judge Live-Action Film: animal death game gets live-action

Well that's something pretty exciting for me.

Doubt was one of the first few manga I was able to finish (not that I've finished a lot since I'm not exactly a huge manga reader). Its psychological-suspense really grabbed my attention. It isn't really an amazing. The art isn't really so polished. The story have its share of failures (or so I think). But as I have mentioned, it really works well on the suspense factor.

When Judge came out, I got pretty excited and read it. The scanlations aren't done yet but it is pretty interesting and the story seems to make more sense than Doubt. But of course I can't exactly be right in there since I haven't finished it myself (I really hope that the scanlations will be done soon :3). While the characters aren't exactly deep and the art remains strongly similar to Doubt, the intensity stays the same. For those who haven't read either, their main similarity is that the characters are trapped inside an isolated place, playing some kind of death game with the suspect being one of them (I'm not exactly sure with Judge yet but traces are pointing to that).

Anyway, with a live-action film ahead, I'm sure pretty excited to watch it. I've always imagine both Doubt and Judge getting a live-action or anime and this seems like a dream come true for me. I'd like to see how the story will go. I've seen a couple of Japanese horror/suspense/psychological movies like the two the Grudge movies, Battle Royal II, Ring and other stuff out there which I honestly can't remember anymore. The point is, I think that it'll be pretty decent but not exactly great :3 I'm definitely looking forward to this one.
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