Karneval 04: oh Gareki you tsundere, you might not get another embrace offer from Yogi (well I kind of doubt that).

Looks like we're digging on Gareki's background this time :3 (and no, I'm not into BL stuff)

As expected, Gareki falls under the oh-so typical background story with that one unfortunate event after the other. His comeback to the place he grew up in just opened up more mystery to Karneval as if we need more of them while Nai's own mystery hasn't been answered yet. The closest call would be that they are related.

Gareki's past, as I have mentioned, contained that typical trend of 'one unfortunate event after the other' thus developing the untrusting-look in his character. After being sold as a kid, beat up as he was transported, and taken care of by a very unfortunate yet nice lady, Gareki probably seen a lot of things in life. Their difficult living opened up to his career as a thief yet at the same time, Tsubaki (the one who took care of him) tried her best to provide for Gareki and her two siblings, Tsubame and Yotaka, which ended up being more of a trouble.

NOW let's talk about the flow of the story and how Karneval is holding up. Karneval started off pretty well with not much premise but did well to present the mystery of the story to make it interesting. Each episode seems consistent. It doesn't have much impact and still maintains its own balance of wacky comedy (brought to you by Yogi :3) and seriousness. The flow of events is pretty much okay but not very interesting for me good thing the cast (and probably the mystery on Nai) is stopping me from stalling this. Erisyuka's actions isn't much interesting. She seems more like meddling into Karoku's interests - Gareki.
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