LIMIT (jdrama): First Impression

Psychological drama is always such an interesting genre. Observing how people would react on certain situations, how they'll handle situations or how they'll interact with the people around them is something that makes LIMIT a drama worth seeing this season.

OP: SAVAGE HEAVEN by bump.y. This OP sequence sure knows how to create an atmosphere.

SO what is this so series all about? To give off a quick synopsis, an entire class heads to some school camping. With the bus driver being tired, he falls unconscious while driving ands sends the bus falling off a cliff. Only five students find themselves unexpectedly alive from such an accident. The story will obviously go through their survival in the forest along with the further development of their established relationship with each other. They could work together in order to survive the harsh living for survival or they can choose to go separate ways and find their own way of hell. Either way I'm pretty sure that this will be a pretty interesting psychological drama.

On a side note, this is a jdrama adaptation of the manga of the same title by Suenobu Keiko >> MAL | MangaReader.

I love monologues.
The first episode started off nicely as it builds up the tension and relationships between each students we'll explore throughout the series. Their relationship with each other will obviously play a huge role in how the story will progress and how this series itself will be interesting. Of course the presentation of how they see each other will also give a huge impact of the series. The series is told in one of the characters' point of view, Konno Mizuki (Sakuraba Nanami), and I actually have a personal bias for first person story telling. As of now, I personally think that it'll be good, the diversity of the characters' personalities along with their wish for survival is enough to stir the story. But as I said, it'll all fall on the presentation which I'm crossing my fingers to be good.

Now let me talk about the setting. The School setting is definitely okay together with the opening words of the series with regards to school caste and stuff. What's definitely catchy in here is the forest-setting which we'll definitely focus on the rest of the episodes (I think). The bus accident scene looks really nice and I guess if this wasn't an actual TV show, it'll probably look better :3

the horror of seeing dead people around you O__O

In an overall look of the series, I'd say that LIMIT has a potential of being a pretty good or decent psychological drama series. The flow of the story, the characters and the presentation of the series as a whole should be handled carefully so that it won’t fail or end up being a disappointment.

~writing about a jdrama seems random but I just write what I feel like writing these days (such as the all-of-a-sudden nendoroid review last week). I'll definitely write about anime next time (a first impression for Summer perhaps or me re-watching a series).
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