BTOOOM! 03: why the heck is this survival game happening in the first place? I need to know!( /゚ Д゚)/

I really like BTOOOM!'s phasing. I like how the first two episodes were made to introduce the two main characters of the series. I like how this episode has told us the things we need to know about the environment, the hows and whys of Ryouta's situation.

Right from my very first post on this series, I've already been wanting to find out how Sakamoto Ryouta got into the island and why is it that he doesn't know the mechanics of the game while the big guy who attacked him seem to know what's going on.

Now this episode has clearly shown why Ryouta didn't know a single thing regarding the game. The number one thing that got stuck to me in here is why the heck would BTOOOM!'s makers go through this much effort? It's really horrifying. This is more traumatic than SAO. As of now, it doesn’t make sense. It would be really annoying if they would just like to see the players kill each other  (_;)

The mechanics of the game is really easy. Seriously. Unless you're ready to kill people to save yourself. Doing some practical thinking, if you're sane and a real coward or have some sense of stupid justice, you probably won't kill anyone and try to 'save' everyone. You know that's the usual way of thinking. I mean who would want to kill anyway if you're just a regular teenager (or adult) with a 'normal' life like going to school, hanging out with friends and such?

Kiyoshi Taira (Ookawa Tooru), who explained everything to Ryouta, doesn't really look like someone who would last in the game. Okay, his way of thinking when Ryouta told him the conditions for teaming up was pretty convincing but just looking at him struggle, he definitely looks like he can die any time soon. Either way, I bet they won't last that long anyway since Ryouta should be teaming up with Himiko who expectedly run away from him. Too bad Sakamoto (*m)

Now thinking carefully, team play is pretty much impossible for survival. Of course it'll also be difficult surviving alone. Base on what Kiyoshi said that there were approximately 30 people in the plane and the rules saying that one player must have 8 of the radar-thing in order to get off the island, a team of more than three would be really, really impossible. Sorry if I'm being a nerd in here but looking at it carefully 30/8 = 3.75 which means that only 3 people should survive. The number could be lessen to 1 or 2 if you consider the idea that the radar could get loss when you kill someone (i.e. the big guy that Ryouta killed and the fat-otaku that Himiko killed).

The cliffhanger at the end of the episode was pretty interesting. What type of character would I want to see in this kind of series? It's this kid. He looks young, insane and probably have gone through a lot of fucked up times. I'm really interested in knowing his story.

In an overall look on how this episode went, I'd say that this series is getting more and more interesting. The phasing is really good and the main characters are well established. The side characters, however, are not very well introduced but that's pretty much okay. We'll get to know them better as the story progresses.

On a final note, I really had fun writing this post. I know that I sound like I'm over thinking things and I find myself funny as well. LOL. But that's the fun part about it. I remember nitpicking an episode way back at winter when I was only blogging Another. Anyway, my curiosity in this series is just getting into me~ I'm really glad that I decided to blog about this (^v^)
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