AMNESIA 06 + 07: Ikki's arc end + quick run down on Kent's arc.

I guess each episode just gets worse.

Episode 06.
The continuation of Ikki's route just further went over his problem. Comparing Ikki's story to Shin, I think that the supernatural side of Ikki's story kind of ruined it although without it, his character wouldn't really be anything special. I mean seriously? Wishing on a shooting star to be popular to girls and having it granted in such a seriously annoying way?

Once again, the trip event was commenced but it was done on a different day with different people. Although we never get to see the scene at the first episode where the girls that likes Ikki bullies her further in front of her apartment. I guess we can't expect all of those things to happen.

The 3months relationship that Ikki was talking about doesn't seem to be a coincidence although the reason behind it was kind of annoying. First off, Ikki said that he started dating at around middle school and his relationship only lasted for three months and so on… The cycle continuous and his seriousness on relationships had gone out. Why the heck didn't he stop being in a relationship in the first place? x_x

Secondly, does this mean that the fan club for Ikki has been going around for that long? 3months relationship in middle school? And how old is he now? Like 22yrs or something? The fan club has been going around for more than 5yrs? That’s got to be ridiculous! What's even more questionable are their strange agreements/promises when dating Ikki. Those who are permitted to date Ikki are only allowed to date him for 3months and must submit a daily report. We've probably heard of something like 'Kazehaya is for everyone' in Kimi ni Todoke but AMNESIA's style of doing it is beyond being a stalker.

Based on how I see Ikki, he'll be the guy I'll dislike the most in here. His character and story just tells me not to like him. Just why the heck is the heroine okay with Ikki flirting with those fan club members? Just why the heck did she joined that stupid fan club when she can actually date Ikki freely? Why is Rika's character not further developed and showed what's her deal with Ikki aside from being the trip organizer and probably head of the fan club? Oh well

On a side note, it seems that Ukyou can also maintain his memories from the heroine's other worlds. He and the heroine must also possess the Reading Steiner. LOL. (Steins;Gate reference for those who doesn't know).

Episode 07.
That was rather quick.

It's kind of disappointing for Kent's route to come by so fast. I was actually enjoying Kent's character being all analytic, curious and always relying on researches and stuff. His route became a bit more entertaining than Shin's and Ikki's because of his research-based acts.

It's nice how Kent was also able to notice the change on the heroine's character but unlike Shin, Kent was able to gave us a clear view of how the heroine was before. She may not be as smart and analytic as Kent but it seems that they have arguments every now and then which makes her a bit more interesting compared to her character in Shin's route who sings in a band.

Anyway, as a science and mathematics oriented person, it's a bit surprising how Kent just digested the fact that Orion actually existed. But his desire to talk to Orion and get a hold of the situation came in quite natural for his character. There weren't really knew things to learn from his Q&A and Kent's take on of the situation came in pretty interesting.

Unlike Shin and Ikki, Kent doesn't really have some big time personal problems but I find his the most interesting one yet. The only personal thing he was able to get from the heroine is his realization that logic isn't always the right thing but there wasn't really much evidence on that conclusion. We definitely lack development on Ikki there. How sad -_-

The end of his arc wasn't as stupidly tragic as Shin's and Ikki's. It's more like an open end there and we all can't help but think that heroine must have died once again… Either way, we're quickly moving to Toma's arc which came to me by surprise.

On a side note, it seems that Ukyou never appeared in Kent's arc since it was really quick. Not that I care. Really.

~Episode 8 + 9 will be posted tomorrow :3 
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