Aku no Hana 03: Nope, he doesn't like her. It's probably the other way around.

Only 'Probably' because that's the best possibility I can think of right now. I never read the manga and never will :3

On my last post of Aku no Hana, I focused on my thoughts on Kasuga's actions. This time around, I'd like to talk about Nakamura Sawa (Ise Mariya).

Last episode Nakamura went on about forming a contract with Kasuga since she's the only one who knows what he did. And what he did will be kept a secret (probably and hopefully) forever if he complies to her contract.

Of course we don't expect Kasuga to actually write a serious essay about what he felt when his face fell on Saeki's chest. He reactions were probably: ah, she smells good to wait, wtf is wrong with me to ah, now she hates me. But with Nakamura's distorted way of thinking, it makes me wonder what she actually went through if there really is any point talking about it.

I mean yes, we all know she's crazy and I'm kind of hoping that there's an actual meaning to why she's like this. Why she doesn't give any efforts to her studies. Why she simply accept her life of being a creep and an outcast. Okay, there's no point brooding about it but he can't just go okay everyone doesn't want to be with me, I'll act like a creep to let them acknowledge my presence or something like that. MY POINT IS I want to see why she's acting like a seriously distorted deviant.

Finally, I'd like to commend Aku no Hana for always having that interesting cliffhanger. Kasuga knows Nakamura's whereabouts when the stolen money was taken. He doesn't actually like her but he can't just accept everyone pointing fingers to people who doesn't have anything to do with it. He's a really nice kid too bad his classmates are so normal. HAHA. Now I'd like to see what's going on next :3

~on a side note is it just me or their library is seriously empty? @_@
anyway, I kind of like how I'm being a bit straight to the point this time around. I'll probably try to stick to this style than going over and over with senseless things :3
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