Mushibugyou: your typical action-battle shounen with… seriously huge insects!

I was thinking of what else I can watch this season while avoiding series that I'll most likely enjoy watching in marathon (e.g. Kakumeiki Valvrave, Suisei no Gargantia). I was eyeing on Mushibugyou because of… welll… the cast and it looks like it's going to be a long running shounen series so I might as well start early.

Mushibugyou is a typical battle shounen series that'll probably go around the typical stuff like lots of fighting awesome fight scenes, little drama, and typical shounen comedy (boob jokes, perverted-ness, side comments, comeback lines and such). SO what is Mushibugyou about? It's basically about Edo's very own shogun to protect the people from seriously huge insects which apparently is normal to them.

NOW let's introduce the cast starting with our leading guy voiced by Kenn namely Tsukishima Jinbei who took the invitation in place of his father. Yes, yes, typical main character guy. He's serious when needed but quite a light character. He's got a sad background (sad bg seems obligatory for any character :3) about his father's inability to appear for the invitation. Jinbei's got a hidden potential as a great samurai shown in how he fought that seriously huge spider in ep1.

Let me go through quickly on the other characters. Matsunohara Kotori (Miyano Mamoru) is the head of the Insect Magistrates or the so-called Mushibugyou (I believe). We never saw him fight so I'd like to see that later on in the series (and I see two swords there :3 must be a dual-wielder). There's Hibachi (Ookubo Rumi) who's a gunpowder specialist and looks more like a ninja to me. Then there's Koikawa Shingiku (Eguchi Takuya) who also looks like some dual-wielder samurai guy with that seriously smooth skills. Finally there's Ichinotani Tenma (Serizawa Yuu) who's an onmyodo. Aside from these 4 who's under the Insert Magistrates, there's also Oharu (Akesaka Satomi) who's more like the leading lady of the show and Mugai (Terashi Takuma) who'll probably be Junbei's figure. (Okay, this is probably my only first impression this season where I enumerated the characters :P)

Art-wise, Mushibugyou definitely doesn't go well on my type of art but it's not actually bad. I'd say that it's tolerable and their battle scenes can definitely make up for the few character designs that don't please me. Art isn't always the deciding factor, right? With Mushibugyou's typical shounen vibe, it'll definitely have its striking emotional moments, unforgettable comedic punch lines and jaw dropping fight scenes.

Mushibugyou is probably a pretty worthwhile series with its pretty interesting premise, nice cast and decent battle scenes. It's definitely not some grand series with some pretty big shot goal, Mushibugyou is a nice series to watch but not exactly something that will matter if you miss it. Maybe something to watch when you're waiting for all the other amazing series out there :3
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