Seiyuu Appreciation: Is that a question? Then I'll happily answer it. Pick from one of three choices: (1) Kida Masaomi, (2) Kida Masaomi, (3) Kida Masaomi!

After a long break on this kind of post, I've come back with a pretty interesting seiyuu to talk about. Probably the seiyuu I consider to be my fave one out there.

Miyano Mamoru was notable in his role as Yagami Light in Death Note and Setuna F. Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 which won him the Best Voice Actor award in the Second Seiyuu Awards. But I think that his most recent notable role has got to be the self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate.

Perhaps Miyano Mamoru's one of the few voice actors who have also become successful in the singing career. In fact, Miyano's going to be the first male voice actor to have a one-man live in Budokan and his latest single Kanon ranked #3 in Oricon's charts on its first week. Okay, facts don't only show that, I've listen to a few of his songs that weren't anime related and they were pretty nice. Particularly I like his ballads.

Voice acting-wise, the first time I noticed Miyano's voice (and in fact, the first time I cared about voice actors) was his role as Kida Masaomi in DURARARA!! (thus the title). I really like Miyano Mamoru's mischievous-serious characters. It's probably his best role. WAAAAY better than his bishounen-characters voice. Really. I sometimes call him as the trolling voice actor due to his characters. Let me give two of my fave roles, shall I? :3

One of Miyano's best roles to date has got to be Mashima Taichi from the recently ended Chihayafuru (and I'm really crossing my fingers for a S3). What I like best about Taichi in terms of Miyano's voicing is Taichi's calculative style of playing. He'd remember every single card read and unread while his thoughts run over his head. Miyano doing Taichi's inner thoughts is probably what I like about his voicing here. For me, it's kind of similar to Kamiya Hiroshi's monologues on Araragi. Well that's just probably my thoughts.

Aside from Taichi, let me go through one of Miyano's most notable character which I mentioned earlier - Okabe Rintarou aka Okarin :3 Okarin is damn trolling character. Behind his serious looking character is a guy with a seriously loose screw. He'd talk to his dead phone about being chased by this so-called 'organization', he's got a vision of creating a time machine, and other more really crazy things. Probably one of the most unforgettable lines by Okarin's craziness is his 'sonuvabitch' line over at ep15 (I think) of Steins;Gate. Other unforgettable line for me was from the OVA when they landed of US :3 Okarin's answer to their purpose of visit - this one. I initially didn't know that Okarin was Miyano Mamoru.

To date, Miyano Mamoru's currently one of the most popular voice actors and I'm pretty sure that most anime fans are aware of him (and the very least those who look at the cast and staff). He has voiced a lot of very notable characters such as Yagami Light from Death Note, Chrollo Lucilfer from HUNTER x HUNTER 2011 and Tsunashi Takuto from Star Driver. He'll be voicing Matsuoka Rin from the upcoming swimming anime FREE! this Summer :3
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