Tamayura More Aggressive: Waiting for Tides and Setting Sail

I don’t know what the future holds. I’m sure there’ll be times when I worry, lose my way, and come to a standstill. But if I don’t set sail, my ship won’t ever move. So I’ll leave port a little early and set sail for the sea! – Mitani Kanae; Tamayura: More Aggressive ep10

Tamayura is a series that isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a lighthearted series about life with fluffy yet loveable characters. Anyway, I’m here to go about another motivational post (and yeah, you can go say ohgod not another lame motivational post by czai) based on the thoughts of Mitani Kanae during the 10th episode of Tamayura: More Aggressive.

This episode showed the oh-so typical side of unconfident high school students – the questioning of the future. In fact this questioning of the future is always so typical to all unconfident people. Now let me talk about the development in Kanae throughout the episode(:

Acquiring the ticket to life.
In the beginning of their visit to Maon’s place, Kanae asked herself, “I wonder if my ticket has a destination on it.” This basically shows her doubt, fear and uncertainty for the future. Of course no one knows what the future holds but these things run through the head of someone who lacks the confidence in themselves or someone who doesn’t have any idea of his goal in life is.

In one of the few movies I’ve seen, I clearly remember the words, “You wouldn’t know how far you can go unless you run.” I find it beautiful because it’s something that gives a push to people who’re scared of trying out things and people who’re not confident of their skills/abilities/talents. I think that in order to see the potential roads of one’s life, he must spend some quality time in discovering himself through trying out various things that will allow him to see what he can and would like to do. Through this, one will be able to set his life’s destination thus lessening, if not fully taking off, his fear and uncertainty of the future.

A bright light begins from a tiny spark.
“What sparked your love for photography?” This was Kanae’s question to Fuu. I think that at this point Kanae was trying to find a way for her to know what she should do once she graduates. This is when she sees that every one of them have this point in their lives where they found their current interest. 

Looking at what had gone in my life, in my personal point of view, I’ve also experienced this spark in my life and it was over a year ago – when I was tasked to hold a responsibility for my college major’s organization. At that point in my life is when I realized that graphics and arts is something I truly love despite my lack of skill. I think that in life there would really come a time when we’d be desperate for answers and you see; through that search you will not exactly find the answers to your questions through other people. Instead, your head will be filled with realizations and eventually find the answers you seek in yourself after going through a lot of things – success, failures, talking with other people and such.

Set sail once the tide has come.
“I’m sure Maon felt the tide come too. That’s why she set sail. That’s how it goes for everyone. That’s life.”
“What if the tide never comes?” 
“It will without a doubt. Nobody knows when it’ll come but it will. I suppose Maon’s waiting for her next tide right now. It looks like she can’t decide what she wants to do most. But I’m sure she’ll set sail again. That’s how it goes.”
This part of the episode is more like Kanae’s enlightenment on things. Those are simple words. Really. But those simple words allowed her to fully understand things and actually look at her own life in order to see her destination. Those simple words were her assurance that she’ll see things clearly soon. In a lot of times, we would want someone to encourage us or to push us to do things. We would always want to hear those praises and of course those words of assurance. By knowing that there’s surely something for us waiting, we get encouraged to live life to its fullest.

Now to end this lengthy post as what ch5 of Judge said, “There’s no such thing as a person who’s better off not existing.” Each of us have our very own purpose and destination in this world and by engaging ourselves on various things and not putting ourselves down can we truly find this purpose that we all seek – the tide will surely come and once it does, we must be ready to set sail for our journey.

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