FanArt: Hakase and after the rain.

Last week has been pretty terrible for our country, Philippines, 'cause of the typhoon with the international name Trami hit the country... If you've liked my blog's page in facebook, you've probably seen what I've been up to during these past few days aside from catching up with series :3
on a side note, this is another one of those posts with more pictures than texts(:

The first three stuff I've drawn during my extra time are Tsustukakushi Tsukiko from HenNeko (which I just finished recently), Ichinose Hajime from GATCHAMAN CROWDS and Sasaki Chiho from Hataraku Maou-sama!.

Anyway, here's my drawing of Hakase from Nichijou while I was getting worried about the unpredictable pouring of the rain. thankGod the weather has been pretty nice lately :3

umbrella on a sunny day while staying on a shade, Hakase?

I'll take your umbrella instead since you don't actually need it, Hakase!!

wait. why don't you just go wear this instead of carrying that umbrella? :3

you'll look really cute if you wear this instead :3

Behind the scenes...
Although I'm not exactly that good at drawing, I still enjoyed working on this that I'm actually planning to do something bigger :3 Here're some pictures while I was working on this drawing set of Hakase.


drawing. - the part where I basically just play around with things :3

outline. - finalizing stuff


drawing and colored version (almost) complete set :))

cutting each of the drawing.

~I really had fun doing this. like my page on facebook to see what I'll be working on next :D
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