2years of AniBlogging: had too much breaks can I even call it two years? But hey, at least I’m still here.

Long running blogs are pretty amazing most especially those who never even go on breaks and such. I commend all bloggers we get pass a year or two without taking a break. I commend all bloggers who post consistently and with quality.

I said all that because I'm a blogger who isn't very commendable at all. I've gone through a couple of hiatus because of my poor time management and laziness. I also went through some horrible times in school – bad grades I tell you. But that’s damn over ever since I shifted majors. I also plan to work really hard this time around and post consistently again :D

Anyway exactly 2years ago I posted my first ever post ENIGMA– Chapter 48: Uncovered and whenever I try to read it again it seems quite funny a fairly a bit insightful about the chapter itself. In fact, it seems that it’s like 95% summary and 5% thoughts. Really stupid. Then 1year ago I posted my firstanniversary post talking about series that influence my anime fandom.

Now this past year had been pretty crazy for me. My posts became inconsistent basically because of school and other personal reasons. But maybe that’s just me making excuses -_- Anyway, I think that this coming season I’m all set to get back to actual and regular blogging with a pretty interesting line up ahead (I’ll be posting my Fall list tomorrow or later :D)

To celebrate my blog anniversary this year, I decided to share a few things why I continue to watch anime. SO here I go!

·         Anime is, at times, a source of inspiration/encouragement to me.
I’ve written a full post about howanime pushed me to follow what I’d really want to do in life (or so I think what I’d like to do right now). Until now I still look for this inspirational spots of anime particularly on slice of life series such as my recent on post about Tamayura. In fact I have a few anime quotes in mind to encourage myself whenever I need them :3
This is mainly the reason why I love slice of life and drama series. Shows that portray real life and real feelings (although in most cases they still fall under unrealistic things) or talks about the difficulty and things to look forward in life are stuff that I really like and will continue to look for in anime.

·         Anime offers a lot o different genres and tricks under its sleeves. It seems endless.
Unlike American movies (which I’m not exactly fond of), jdrama/live-action or even regular TV shows, I think that anime has its edge of having even the most ridiculous stuff in. Sometimes I’d ask myself what is it that anime hasn’t done yet? then next thing I know an anime series about it will air :))

·         Anime is one of my fave forms of entertainment right now.
And I think that it will continue to be along with my typical hobby of reading novels. Anime is pretty nice way of getting read of stress or just plainly letting time pass by. I like it whenever anime makes me laugh so hard that I look some kind of crazy shit from other people, makes me cry from sadness or happiness, or even makes me shout the hell out from each thrilling or action pack episodes I see. Those feelings are always so great that it keeps me going back for more anime.

·         Anime indirectly pushes me to be creative.
With all honesty, I personally think I have the potential of being an amazing artist I just need some more practice since I’m freaking lazy and all that nothing good comes out from my life. I get stuck up with only one style and never improve because I plainly stop whenever I see someone way better than me (and there’s a lot of people out there waaaaay better than me because I draw like a kid). Anyway, watching anime actually pushes me to learn how to draw better and move into other mediums such as digital drawing, vector and even painting (I’ve been meaning to try painting). There are a few times that I’d draw out of nowhere because I watched anime and thought I’d draw them.

I’ve postedup a few of my drawings here and I still have a lot of ideas in mind. I just need some further push to actually act up and make those ideas into reality.

·         Anime also indirectly pushes me to express my thoughts through writing.
As a kid I’m fond writing shit about life or just plain stories but watching anime and being expose to the blogging community, I was inspired to further express myself through writing about anime in my very own blog :D I’ve written about all sorts of stuff here in my blog that I think it’s all so random. There were animeepisode thoughts, reviews, firstimpressions, drawings, news thoughts, and a few more. Expressing myself through writing has never been so much fun.

ANYWAY, this post is so all-over-the-place I don’t even know what I’m saying. Thanks to all the readers out there who continue support me. I know I’ve been very inconsistent these past few seasons but I’ve promised myself that I’ll work really hard this coming Fall 2013. Also look forward to my upcoming Fall 2013 Anime List.

~on a side note, did anyone got confused with my change of name from –blacksheep to czai? Hopefully no one, hahaha XD I just decided to finally go with my real name. Also drop by Sekijitsu since I’vealso started writing for the site! :D

*Bakuman. cover image was taken from zero-chan, if you own it and want it down just email me at czai.theblacksheep[at]gmail[dot]com
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