Yowamushi Pedal 04: THAT mommy bike overtook a car! @__@

More exciting races. Funny new friend. Onoda development. And did I mentioned exciting race?

It’s not really surprising how Yowamushi Pedal is still able to hold itself up with that exciting race of Onoda and Naruko Shoukichi (Fukushima Jun). It’s still just beginning after all. I think we’ll see its true excitement around half of the series or at least after a few more episodes.

the description of an otaku - glasses and backpack. lol.
Onoda, explain it to someone who cares! :))
no, they're not important. what's important is that they're RED!

I honestly like the development of Onoda as of this episode. It’s smooth, not rushed and nicely done, I think. The choices he makes and what goes on in his head is always very simple. He’s obviously a simple minded person anyway. The race was very exciting. New things are introduced which makes me wonder just how much long will they be able to hold these information if this is going to be a 3-cour series? Oh well, guess we’ll have to see as the series progress. The animation is as intense as before and gives off the feeling that you’re actually with them cycling (or maybe that was just me?). Full episode 4 impression can be read over at Sekijitsu.

With the preview being about the bicycle racing club, I’m betting Onoda, Imaizumi and Naruko will finally join the club. I’m pretty interested to see how Onoda will go about the decision making. 
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