Seiyuu Appreciation: that fishing space vampire ninja who’s secretly a part-timer demon lord Gatchaman

It’s been forever since I posted my last seiyuu appreciation post. Anyway, in this post let me talk about this rising seiyuu whom I’m really, really fond of.
Whom I’ll be talking about here can easily be known from the title but in case you missed who he is, it’s Ohsaka RyotaFishing (Sanada Yuki; Tsuritama) space vampire (Tokishima Haruto; Kakumeiki Valvrave) ninja (Katou Kiri; SKET Dance) who’s secretly a part-timer demon lord (Maou Sadao; Hataraku Maou-sama!) Gatchaman (Tachibana Sugane; GATCHAMAN Crowds).

Apart from my previous seiyuu appreciation posts, this time around I decided to add audio clips so that we can all reminisce his voice and well… hear those characters you’ve never heard of (not that I’ll post every single character I’ve heard him from). I’ve decided to talk about three of Ryota’s best characters.

I think that Ohsaka Ryota isn’t exactly an outstanding seiyuu in a sense that he’ll do the most ridiculous characters with the craziest and most memorable voices. I think that Ryota does his thing best in voicing high school characters. He’s your everyday voice who can go from comedy-drama high school series to harem series. Comparing him to other voice actors, I think he’s quite similar to Kimura Ryouhei or Uchiyama Kouki in that sense.

Now let’s talk about his voicing and characters!

Sanada Yuki. I think Ryota’s breakthrough role is Yuki and until now I’d watch Tsuritama randomly just to listen to Yuki complain, get pissed off, get nervous and pull a compelling drama. I’d admit that Yuki isn’t Ryota’s most outstanding role but it’s certainly an unforgettable role of Ryota for me because of the overall impact of the series itself as well as the care I had for the characters including Yuki of course.

Staz Charlie Blood. Adding Staz wasn’t in my original plan until I watched Blood Lad a week back and thought that Ryota was really amazing. And whenever I watch Blood Lad with the fact that this baby face guy (LOL) actually voiced this otaku vampire in mind, I always just end up being more amazed to him. I’m really counting on Ryota doing more of this kind of characters just to make further wonder just how he voices these characters – what he looks like when his voicing them and stuff like that – ‘cause seriously he just looks so fragile and Staz here :))

Sawamura Eijun. Out of all the Ryota characters this season, Eijun and Shinmoto Chika are the only ones I’m watching right now because well… I haven’t gotten the time/motivation to watch other shows. At some point, I think Ryota as Eijun is a tad bit similar to Ryota as Yuki. While Yuki is I think about character buildup, maturity and stuff like that, Eijun is about reaching dreams and being the ace player. Ryota’s voice as Eijun isn’t exactly the most memorable out there but he knows very well how to put life to this character. Eijun’s comedy-drama is really good and Ryota’s typical high school character voice perfectly fits the role.

It’s not really surprising to see this year to be Ryota’s year or something since most outstanding voice actors just get really a lot of roles when they’re at their peak of popularity. I won’t say this is the peak of his popularity but at this point, he’s clearly catching attention. This kind of reminded me of the time when Miyano Mamoru or Sakurai Takahiro or Okamoto Nobuhiko or whoever amazing voice actor out there was getting this much attention a couple of years back. Well all in all, I’m really looking forward to more roles by Ryota most especially roles similar to Staz and maybe Shinmoto Chika as well :3

Bonus audio clip from one of Ryota’s characters. Any guesses? :)

Other Notable Ryota Characters: Maou Sadao (Hataraku Maou-sama!), Tachibana Sugane (GATCHAMAN Crowds), Sasahara Souhei (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)
Current Ryota Characters: Sena Arata (Danball Senki Wars), Sawamura Eijun (Daiya no Ace), Tokishima Haruto (Kakumeiki Valvrave S2), Shouryuu (Log Horizon), Carmen Sphintus (Magi: the Kingdom of Magic), Isaki Kaname (Nagi no Asukara), Yaze Motoki (Strike the Blood), Shinmoto Chika (Super Seisyun Brothers)

Anyway, there are a number of new voice actors this year (or this season) so I’m really counting on seeing more amazing talents soon. As of now, I’m really eyeing on Ishikawa Kaito right now – the guy who voiced Ledo from Suisei no Gargantia. He’s pretty good, right? He’s starting to get attention as well(:
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