czai on managing hobbies…

…and the closing of my personal aniblog – the Blacksheep Project.

I was thinking of departure from aniblogging community but then I remembered that I’m still in Sekijitsu and leaving it hasn’t crossed my mind (I mean come on! I just started there!). Anyway, I'm staying there and closing this one because keeping my own aniblog is quite difficult (and I honestly don't want to leave a week without a post yet it happens a lot this past few months 'cause of my intense focus in school-related stuff).
Anyway instead of writing about how much I enjoy the community, writing and such, I decided to out through an editorial-like post. I know that I’m not the type of blogger who was able to make a huge impact on the community yet I’m honestly glad to be part of it for 2 good years :)

Managing time and everything we need to do in life is seriously a hard task and I think I’ve come across posts back then about managing time and anime and whatever else. This time around, I think it’s my time to share my thoughts on managing everything I have in hand. Right now, aside from damn school, I watch anime, blog, and read YA novels.

First off, yeah, there’s school and instead of graduating next year, I decided to shift majors which means I’m studying for a longer time (I’m such an open person I share everything personal here. lol ). Studying perhaps takes most of my time. I study in school (like duh!) and I mostly study once I got home (okay maybe not once I got home but after sleeping/relaxing after getting home). During the last semester and the first half of this semester, I barely watched anime during the weekdays, thus my usual late posts in Sekijitsu. This is my first priority so I usually don’t let my hobbies get to it. Yeah, usually.

Now for my hobbies, there’s (of course) anime (and jdrama). Watching anime used to take so much of my time. What I did in order to manage everything is only watch anime on the weekends and actually drop series I think I’ll never enjoy even for one bit. While it affects my blogging, I decided to not mind at all since studying comes first, right? I think that it’s very important to know which things to prioritize and actually do prioritize them by setting aside the less important things from the more important things such as studies, work, and/or family-related priorities. While setting aside watching anime is important and something I’ve perfectly done now (wow, lol), my problem now is that my interest in anime is starting to go down. Sad story but I personally don’t want to let it go…

Aside from watching anime, as I’ve mentioned (and damn obvious) is blogging. I don’t want to consider blogging as a chore. It’s more of a hobby, my writing hobby. More than two years ago, the Blacksheep Project was started by my sister (lol) for me and my anime hobby. Like (probably) everyone else, I started off nicely and quite active but when things started getting rough in my studies, I had to set it aside (so I did). Right now, as I have stated, I’ll be leaving this blog (but not entirely forget it since I’ll be checking this place out for new comments ‘cause weird enough it happens… new comments on old posts come up every now and then) and stick to Sekijitsu until I get burned out of anime. Hopefully I can transfer my own Seiyuu Appreciation stuff there too, but I’m still thinking about it. How I’m going to continue managing blogging, I think it’s more of sticking to how I usually do things, watch anime, write right after watching them, and then post. Nothing special there. And I usually do it on weekends ‘cause that’s my free time (so I think I should pick a Thursday, Friday, or any weekend series if I’ll be covering a show).

Finally, since I’ve been busy with school and barely have time for watching anime on the weekdays, I started going back to my first love – reading young adult (YA) novels. To those who also read books, let’s be friends in goodreads and chat perhaps (lol). Maybe I’ve been around with anime far longer than books but I got into books so much more than anime back then. Anyway, unlike watching anime, reading books does take some time but not like how watching anime takes time. I read books when I’m on my way to school, or during breaks in school, or even before I sleep, or during the times when I’m not allowed to open my laptop ‘cause of exams. It’s more flexible (and books cost less as compared to anime figures which I’ve somehow given up on unless GSC or Kotobukiya will release another Steins;Gate nendoroid or another Yu-Gi-Oh! cu-poche respectively).

For some final thoughts, managing hobbies takes prioritization, in my opinion. I think that’s all it takes. Once you get to know which things to prioritize you just have to learn to discipline yourself in doing the most important things. More important things should be done first way before any hobby. As for managing your hobbies, it’s all about sneaking them in during your free time (because your free time is when you’re supposed to do your hobbies) – and that’s what I honestly do.

NOW for some final words, I’d like to say thanks to all those readers, commenters, lurkers, and whoever else who dropped by this blog over the two years I had this. It has been a great experience. Closing the Blacksheep Project went on a good enough thinking and re-thinking process (as I always do in my choices lately). I will continue blogging for Sekijitsu and I might (or might not) open another blog but it won’t be about anime anymore. I have plans on writing about YA novels next time but that’ll be after another year or so once I’m sure that I can manage it well. I won’t do things on a whim now, I’ll make right planning and stuff to make sure everything will go well for me. Once again, thanks to everyone! See you in Sekijitsu, in twitter, in MAL, in Instragram, and in goodreads. Add me anywhere you want and I’ll be as friendly as ever(:

thanks to everyone~

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