22 Random Things About Me [on anime, manga, books and everything else in between]

AND I’m totally just being random today. Since I just turned 22 (and I don’t have any better posts in mind), I decided to work on a random fave and firsts list… Generally this is just me sharing random stuff about me in relation with my current interests – anime, manga, and books :)

BOOK THAT GOT ME INTO READING: Darkness Before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper. For some reasons, I can’t forget the title of this book although I honestly forgot what it is all about but I generally remember that it’s something quite dramatic…
INTERNATIONAL BOOK I BOUGHT: Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison. I actually had two locally published books after I read Darkness Before Dawn but I got read of them because they were beyond embarrassing to read (they’re these TagLish pocketbooks with cheesy and totally clichéd stories, if you know what I mean…)
BOOK SERIES I READ: the Clique by Lisi Harrison. Since Best Friends for Never was my first internationally published book, I got sucked into it and read it until it was finished. I honestly enjoyed it :)
BOOK THAT REALLY MADE ME CRY: LIFE INTERRUPTED by Kristen Kehoe. I honestly didn’t see it coming. I’m not really one to cry on books but I just found myself tearing for a lot of things in this book may it be something sad and heartbreaking or something great and full of happiness (tears of joy, yeah?).
ANIME THAT BROUGHT ME BACK TO WATCHING ANIME: Angel Beats!. I’ve said it countless times before. Angel Beats is both an emotional and enjoyable series for me. Funny thing is I can’t remember what brought me to it.
ANIME THAT I GOT SO INTO: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. What I mean in here is the first anime that got so addicted to. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters was a total hit when I was in 5th grade. It was something almost every kid liked so I tried it and I got so addicted to that even up to know I’m watching Yu-Gi-Oh! (well okay, I haven’t started with Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V but I’ll get into it soon~)

one of the most heartbreaking moments in Angel Beats!.
ANIME THAT REALLY MADE ME CRY: still Angel Beats!. Like seriously. That Iwasawa episode made me tear up. Not exactly her story (but it was pretty sad) but more of her disappearance (is that a spoiler?). But maybe if we’re talking about first nonstop crying, I guess I should say CLANNAD.
ANIME FIGURE I BOUGHT: Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica but she was a bootleg so I got rid of her. My first legit figure is Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate (and now look!, she’s dressed as a maid).
MANGA I READ: Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door. Generally because Angel Beats! was my fave anime back then and I just can’t get enough of it.
MANGA THAT MADE ME READ MORE MANGA: Kaminomi zo Shiru Sekai (the World God Only Knows). I’m not reading it anymore but I credit it for making me read more manga :D
MANGA THAT I BOUGHT: Bakuman., vol18: Leeway and Hell. I just saw this volume of Bakuman. in the bookstore one day and thought of buying it THEN I decided to complete the entire series. I’m still 15vols down… On a sidenote, this volume has the Hiramaru x Aoki romance :3

BOOKS: Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Just because it has the most amazing concept ever! It was simple but written in such a way that you’ll easily get sucked into its world and ask a lot of things about it. The characters also help you get into it even more because of their decisions and dilemmas. It’s a really thrilling read!
Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman, Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, and Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling). These three series are pure awesomeness and these authors are totally insta-buy for me! I haven’t finish Unwind and Cormoran but I’m pretty sure that they won’t disappoint me.

sooo this is my fave shelf~~

AUTHORS: Neal Shusterman, Lisi Harrison, Marie Lu, Robert Galbraith, Cat Winters, and Pierce Brown. Neal Shusterman = my dose of thought-provoking stories and well written characters; Lisi Harrison = [my dose of] amusing stories and characters, slice of life-comedy at its best; Marie Lu = […] action-packed stories (okay she just wrote that thrilling action-packed series Legend Trilogy but I’m expecting the Young Elites to have the same thrilling ride); Robert Galbraith = […] thrilling mystery with well developed characters; Cat Winters = […] historical fiction (I’ve only read In the Shadows of Blackbirds but I’m pretty sure she’ll deliver more great stories), I also want to consider Ruta Sepetys in this part but I haven’t finish Between Shades of Gray (but it’s really, really good!); Pierce Brown = another dose of action-packed stories (although I’ve only read Red Rising but I love it so much and I’m pretty sure Golden Son will also be good~~)… these authors are practically insta-buy for me :3

ANIME: Steins;Gate, Bakuman., Chihayafuru, Ace of Diamond, and HUNTER X HUNTER. These are totally the first five series that came to my mind. S;G = that purely great story and execution; Bakuman and Chihayafuru = my dose of inspirational stories and encouraging words and lovely romance; Ace of Diamond = my dose of sports anime with really fun characters, inspirational words, and thrilling games; HUNTER X HUNTER = my dose of conventional and not-so-conventional JUMP story, hands down to Togashi and Madhouse
Ohsaka Ryota, Sakurai Takahiro, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakamura Yuuichi, Ishikawa Kaito. I don’t how I’m going to explain this part but yeah, they’re all pretty amazing and pretty damn nice to listen to :3
Bakuman. end of story. I haven’t read enough manga to determine more faves. Recommendations anyone? I want licensed manga, please :)

I’LL MOST LIKELY READ A BOOK IF: it’s a science fiction-dystopian novel, historical-fiction, realistic-contemporary romance without the meangirls characters or girls being sooooo into a guy or stuff like that
I’LL MOST LIKELY WATCH AN ANIME IF: it’s a slice of life-inspirational, shoujo romance series, rom-com, thrilling shounen action with great characters, drama, well executed story with totally engaging characters
COFFEE IS MY BEST BOOK COMPANION. They’re just so perfect together, yeah?
I HAVE THIS HABIT OF WANTING TO READ OR WATCH SOMETHING PEOPLE RAVE ABOUT. I’m generally interested on why people like this or that… Like how I’m thinking of reading the Hunger Game trilogy and the Fault in Our Stars (and generally every John Green book out there) for this reason.
I’M NOT INTO WATCHING MOVIES. Unless someone asks me to watch then I’ll go watch. When I said I’m interested in a movie adaptation, I’m only interested. I have no promises in watching it unless someone asks me to watch with them. Same goes for anime films. There are A LOT of interesting anime films out there but I’m pretty lazy to watch them. On a side note, the Rurouni Kenshin Movie is already out, the question is to watch or not to watch? Anyone watching with me? I’m pretty interested to watch it.

*             *             *

Didn’t notice I’ve already made 22. Well that was fun writing. Any thoughts on these random stuff? My faves? My first books? Anime? Manga?
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