Series: JUDGE #3 | Prequel: #1, #2
Yoshiki Tonogai
manga, mystery, thriller, horror
February 18, 2014 (first published January 1, 2010)
Publisher: Yen Press
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In the abandoned courthouse, to trust is folly. Is that the only strategy to staying alive in the twisted game underway within? When the time for the second judgment arrives, a ruthless decision is made to shocking effect. The sinners must accept reality… for idealistic notions have no place within these halls of cruel and swift justice… 

*             *             *
To avert your eyes from the truth is the most unsightly thing one can do.
*             *             *

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This review is free from spoilers. This is safe to read even if you haven’t read the previous volumes :) BUT TAKE NOTE OF THE BLURB BECAUSE IT SOMETIMES MENTION SPOILERS FROM PREVIOUS VOLUMES.

Volume 2 was a bit slow for me. It focused on establishing the situation they are in. This volume, on the other hand, is full of suspense and a good amount of twists.

While reading this, DOUBT was completely out of my mind. I’ve eliminated all comparisons because JUDGE is different (except for the characters though~). The turn of events was just simply 
unexpected for me. Although it’s not exactly the jaw dropping revelation but it’s more of like: *enter gasping revelation* then start pondering over things again. It made me think. It made me so eager to know who’s doing this and why.

I guess this is really how Tonogai-sensei writes. He makes things so unexpected. He makes you think so much about who’s behind this game, how everything works, why the heck things are happening. Another thing about Tonogai-sensei’s style is how he just adds up more things to the story. He adds more stuff that can make you think over things. This volume did make me think over things. While he adds stuff here and there, he doesn't make the story so confusing.

There was development particularly on Hiro because of how volume 2 ended. There were more confusion in his mind but after the turn of events in here, trusts are really put to test. Just how things will proceed?

The faults in the art were gone which I’m really happy about. The same edgy art but still great paneling. Tonogai-sensei’s paneling style makes me imagine it as a film (well technically it has a film adaptation but I still haven’t seen it).

*             *             *

What I Like: (1) the unexpected turn of events, (2) the revelations, (3) my constant thinking, (4) the thrill

What I Didn’t Like:  (1) the lack of development on other characters, (2) how nothing seems completely clear right now

thrilling twists + characters’ psychological dilemma = GREAT READ

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