[TOP TEN TUESDAY] 2015 Goals and Resolutions.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.

I guess it's that time of the year when we write down things we'd like to accomplish for the upcoming year. I'm honestly excited for 2015 because I'm looking forward to personally accomplishing a good amount of things for myself :)

I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to accomplish these things. These goals are a mixture of bookish, anime fan, frustrated artist, and blogging goals.

(1) Start my portfolio blog. This is more on my creative goals. Since I'm now starting with my majors, I want to show my works and progress. It's a way of both keeping track and showing what I can do for future purposes (you know, so I can freelance occasionally or for extra-credits when I'm applying for work).

(2) Read at least 70 books. I initially set 50 this year but I was able to get pass it after half the year so I extended it to 70 and somehow I think I'm sticking to that goal. I finished 83 books this year, bytheway.

(3) Consistently post at least 3 reviews a week. I won't be able to do it immediately but I'll do my best.

(4) Meet new bloggers and gain more followers. Whenever i get too preoccupied with my studies, I tend to neglect my blog so this upcoming year, I'd like to not just do some comment-to-comment stuff with other bloggers, I'd like to connect with them :)

(5) Attend book signing events. I was going to attend last October's Claudia Gray signing event but something very unfortunate came up. THEN I was going to attend Marie Lu's November book signing event but it falls on a Sunday which won't happen. Ever. But seriously, this year, I want it to happen. I want to attend and experience a book signing event (#PierceBrowninPH please?). If you're from the Philippines and wouldn't mind bringing me along when you go to a book signing event, just message me on my IG, facebook page, or twitter (all links can be found at the end of the blog post) :)

(6) Practice my typography/calligraphy/lettering everyday! Maybe everyday is overdoing it but really, will I get better if I don't practice everyday?

(7) Manage my time well. I have no idea how to do this but somehow I need to learn how if I'd want to balance blogging, reading, anime, arts, and studies all together.

(8) Take better pictures. Photography has always been something I'm interested in. I looking at beautiful pictures and I'm hoping to take great ones myself. With the help of my Photography class and lots (so bloodydamn lots) of practice, hopefully I'll get better.

(9) Watch 20 anime series. I barely watched anime this year and barely finish anything at all. 20 anime series for the entire year is completely nothing to how many series I watch before but I'd like to start small. Slowly but surely, yeah?

(10) Consistently post on Sekijitsu. I used to write weekly about anime and getting serious with school work stopped me from doing that. With a new year opening up and a new season of anime starting next week (gonna check the schedule again), hopefully I'll be able to go back to weekly anime blogging :) I'll definitely do my best.

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