[WEEKLY MUSING] Rumors and Damsels in Distress

Hello, this week I went crazy on checking out and downloading free Kindle Ebooks in Amazon. I'll post everything on my monthly book haul post :) Along with this crazy thing I did, I unexpectedly bought a couple of books (I was actually looking for The Good Girls but I think it's still not available locally, ugh screw that!): And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. This photo can also be found on my instagram account: @czai_

I'm currently on a long weekend vacation with my family. This is a scheduled post which I wrote last June 11, Thursday (the night before we go). I hope you guys are having a great weekend! Photos for this vacation will be posted on my next weekly musing post :)

I finished reading Rumors this past week and I had mixed feelings towards it. It felt like I was reading some kind of adult version of The Perfectionist with a few rounds of sex scenes, whole lot of cheating, high-end characters, and a few more things. Review to be posted next week for a book tour :)
Damsels in Distress.
I stopped reading Cress for a while when I read Secret of the Sevens but when I picked it up again last Tuesday, I can't believe myself that I even stopped for a few days. It's really absorbing me and I bet that by the time you guys are reading this, I'm already done with it, hahaha. I really love Cress and how her adventure with Thorn went. Well of course it's very unfortunate but I'm enjoying the two of them more than Scarlet x Wolf.
I started listening to my audiobook of The Ring & The Crown. Somehow I'm enjoying it. The fact that it's an audiobook really added to my enjoyment. I love the reader. She makes me visualize the world, the place, their clothes, the things there are doing. I'm currently in part 2, chapter 7. Hopefully things will go well for me :)

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