[TOP TEN TUESDAY] Books I've Read So Far in 2015

This Week's Topic: Books I've Read So Far in 2015.

I think that 2015 has been good to me. My current goodreads goal is 70 books and I've read 46 books so far. Goodreads tells me that I'm 12 books ahead of my schedule. YAY! My vacation really did that. HAHAHA. I've read really great books so far and have only come across two or three or four or five (LOL) books that disappointed me or I plainly didn't like at all.

SOOOOO here're ten books I gloriously fell in love with so far this year (not in any particular order).

SUGAR by Deirdre Riordan Hall. Review Here. Really wonderful book. Slow yet great development. Made me cry so hard. so bloodydamn hard!
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Made me want to read more books by Agatha Christie. This is truly a gripping psychological mystery.
P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han. Review Here. Really cute romance!! MY OTP RIGHT HERE!!!!!
Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang. Review Here. This book was compared to Before I Fall and Thirteen Reasons Why and I HATE THAT! It really made me love this book lesser. But either way, I still enjoy this!! Lovely storytelling.
Golden Son by Pierce Brown. Review Here. One of the books I was really looking forward to this year and it did not disappoint. Must. Read. Morning. Star. NOW!

Delayed Death by Beate Boeker. Review Here. The romance. The pacing. The characters. This cozy-mystery is so cute and unforgettable and thrilling and fun!
Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Review Here. Cinematic read. Great Heroine. Another OTP!
Cress by Marissa Meyer. Yet another OTP! OTP! OTP! I LOVED Cress and Throne! This book was just fun and thrilling and made me tear up a little.
The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg. It started slow for me but it relaly gets better and better. The ending was really beautiful. And it really made me tear up :)
All the Bright Places by Jennfier Niven. I didn't connect with Finch so much but I still ended up crying a whole lot of times and loving this!

some special mentions: Secret of the Sevens by Lynn Lindquist, Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander, and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith.

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