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Even though it's my summer vacation, I'm still a bit on-again-off-again here. I'm just really lazy and tend to procrastinate a lot. But I've been reading. A lot. I actually found myself reading my ebooks a lot faster lately (which is really, really good). My physical ones, I go through one book a week but I plan to change that. I'm trying to get around 2 books a week :)

Anyway, I (finally) started rereading Golden Son by Pierce Brown to prepare myself for Morning Star which I will most likely pick up next week (or the week after, as the latest). For now, I decided to read Golden Son with another book (since it's a reread).

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Under My Skin | Zoe Markham
I posted my review the couple of days ago. This was a book I find difficult to talk about. It's suspenseful and has a good story as a whole yet at times it gets a bit draggy. Chloe's thoughts give me that repetitive feel. But all in all, Under My Skin is a really good read. 
This is instantly a fave for me. I LOVE Bourne's writing, Bree's voice, how she tries to infiltrate the popular clique, how it just wrapped up in the end, how it kind of moved me. I'll have my review soon!

Fateful | Claudia Gray
I'm only a chapter down and it's not completely absorbing me. But I'll let it go like that for a while. I know this will suck me in later on as I've rea positive reviews for this one. AND I really like the fact that it tries to incorporate historical events (RMS Titanic story!! with a supernatural twist!!).
Time to Die (Detective Jennifer Knight #2) | Caroline Mitchell
I really like the fortuneteller concept of this thriller but it's also its downside for me. I mean it is interesting but wth, friends? It bothers me that both Jennifer and the fortuneteller have some kind of odd ability and connection. I like the incorporation of Jennifer's personal family life though. But the suspense isn't completely getting into me.
Golden Son (Red Rising #2) | Pierce Brown
This is a reread. I plan to finally read Morning Star one of these days so I'm refreshing my memories on this one. I think I kind of forget some details on this book. I do remember major points of the stories especially the chapter where Sevro and Darrow had that heart-to-heart talk (lol). And Darrow's revelation to Mustang.

The White Cottage Mystery | Margery Allingham
When it's a mystery and a classic, I just have that urge to grab it. I got this from NetGalley. The most attracting thing about this is the mere mention of J.K. Rowling and I LOVE her Cormoran Strike seires. So this is like an insta-grab for me.
Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) | Victoria Aveyard
I wasn't a big fan of Red Queen but I did find the world pretty interesting. The characters were generally okay and the plot twist a bit predictable for me. The ending did left me hanging though which is why I'm interested to read this. I've read mixed reviews though and I trust those bloggers who were disappointed with this one. But here I am still picking up this book. Crossing my fingers that I'll still like it, at least.

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How about you guys, what books have you recently finished? What are you reading right now? How is it, are you enjoying it? What do you plan to read next?

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