Sakamichi no Apollon - 12 (END)

Once you see an anime's ending, that's the time when you can fully judge it. When something from an anime's concluding episode carves something in your mind, you just know that that anime will really just be something that you will remember for the rest of your life (or so I think).

I really hate being busy and a really great anime with a great episode comes up. With how Sakamichi no Apollon had been going in the past couple of episodes, I wouldn't say that this one came in different because it isn't entirely different except for the fact that this is the concluding episode. As I always say, Sakamichi no Apollon had been going pretty fast. When the episode started, I think that it opened with a already a year or a few months after Sentarou had gone missing. AND by the second half of the episode, 8yrs had already gone by. I know, it's pretty sad. In one word, I'm pretty sure everyone has the same thing in mind. This episode is rushed. Really rushed.

Anyway, seeing Kaoru act the way he's out of his mind saying that he's happy that Sentarou's gone isn't really that surprising. Sentarou always seem more important for him than Ritsuko is. Of course he likes Ritsuko but everyone do know that friendship goes stronger than romantic relationships. But that doesn't mean that Ritsuko doesn't mean that much to him. Of course she does, only Sentarou goes in first because they have a stronger bond.

The moment the 8yrs later came in, I wasn't really the most excited to see Kaoru with a long hair, or Yukika become someone I couldn't even notice or Seiji finally becoming the idol (or star) he wants himself to be. The 8yrs later was another show off of Kaoru's melancholic moments until Yurika shows up with a photo with Sentarou. When that time came in, I just know that we're all going back to real time drama and I wasn't disappointed.

When Kaoru finally went to the small island, he asked the residents about Sentarou and it seems that he's still the same. He causes trouble but everyone seems to see him just the way Kaoru, Ritsuko and old Tsutomu (Ritsuko's father) does. When I saw the white cloth at the church, I thought it was going to be Sentarou and it will be the 3rd time that Kaoru will see Sentarou underneath a white cloth sleeping. But instead of seeing a sleeping Sentarou, he sees a drum set. The best part? No it's not the last part where they see Ritsuko and the three of them reunites. For me, the best part was when Kaoru started playing Moanin' at the church's organ (why wasn't this on the soundtrack!?!?). I was really moved that I just started crying from then until the series closes with the three's reunion with the OP, Sakamichi no Melody (by YUKI), playing at the background :D

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