Tari Tari - 04

I guess I'm still no fan of the music genre. Not that I'm expecting so much from Tari Tari but since it's slice of life anime, I thought that I'd really like it. My first impression isn't entirely wrong but still, I guess you can never fully judge an anime base on that first impression. Music genre is something that can barely please me and Tari Tari has got to be one of those…

It seems that it took me a week to watch this episode. It's not only because I was busy the entire week but I'm getting bored with this anime. I'm not saying that it's bad rather it's just not entirely my type. Of course I wouldn't drop my coverage of Tari Tari for a couple of reasons so either I'd like to hold it for now or not, I'll continue watching this.

Now for my impression of this episode, this time around we see Sawa's childhood as she rides Sabure probably for the first time. AND with that opening scene, it's definitely a hint that we'll finally see some development on Sawa. I actually feel that Sawa was never given much attention until this episode. She was always shown as someone who always approves and support Konatsu's meddling and she made me feel that she's a secondary character. Anyway, this episode had shown us that there's more to her other than fatefully agreeing with Konatsu all this time. She probably had the strongest will to actually sing in front of a good crowd. While Konatsu was going all over her childhood music, Sawa is still looking straight to their goal of performing at the World Music Festival.

Other than a few Sawa developments, we also see Wakana develop a little more. Actually, more than Konatsu, I think that this series is also focusing on Wakana and how she's giving up on music despite her mother probably being in love with it. Despite her decreasing interest in music (or could there be a deeper reason for it?), she moved faster than Konatsu and asked the flower shop to take their choir club as the group they'll support for the World Music Festival. Either Wakana isn't really interested in music anymore or she's just trying to push it away for some reasons, we'll definitely see her get back to it through the small things she's doing.

In an overall look on this episode, as obvious as it seems, I'm starting to get tired of this series. The music isn't entirely my type but I still do like the song Wakana's mother was humming. It's beautiful. AND I'm definitely still up for more of Wien :3
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