-blacksheep's Top 3 Anime for Spring 2012

Now that we've gotten around with the first few weeks of the summer anime season, I definitely took my time writing this top 3 anime for last season. Even though I haven't finish AKB0048, I decided to go through with my top 3 since I most likely won't include it to my list anyway.

For this list, I'm including all airing series that ended together with the spring season anime - anime ended on/before this summer season starts. The anime that I've finished this past season are: Kimi to Boku. 2, ZETMAN, Tsuritama, Sakamichi no Apollon, Acchi Kocchi, Natsuiro Kiseki, Jormungand, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Sankarea and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

So what makes a series good? Or what makes an anime reach one's ranking list? In my personal thoughts, when I make my anime ranking list, I initially consider my enjoyment towards the anime, how it affected me and what I feel about it. The story, characters, developments, art and animation, loop holes and music just follows. On a side note, don't go bashing me on how I made my list, how I ranked the anime in this list and why I didn't include other anime.

[3]Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

I've been thinking a lot between Tasogare Otome and Natsuiro Kiseki which I both really liked and enjoyed to its fullest. Although both having their down sides on me, I chose Tasogre Otome, obviously. Tasogare Otome opened with a  pretty fun quick introduction of the characters. The mystery of Kanoe Yuuko's (Hara Yumi) death was one of the things that keeps me going in this series. Although it is true that I stopped watching this for awhile due to the surprise harem that happened but I quickly recovered and found out how much I missed when watched the episode wherein Yuuko's past was shown. Those last episodes were really great and moving and that unexpected (and very moving) twist on Niiya Teichi's (Yonaga Tsubasa) part. The concluding episode was everything but expected. I don't won't to go with spoilers so I won't mention it(: This series had a really great run. Other than the good mystery and romance involve in this series, I really love the atmosphere than Silver Link has done here. Initially, I don't want to expect so much from this since I dislike Silver Link's style but this one has just regain the production company itself with that great BGM and background art which compliments each other(:

Recommended? Definitely. This series had some pretty interesting mystery, expected romance, good combination of comedy, drama and fan service :3 The art and music is very fantastic. This is definitely worth watching :D AND Okonogi Momoe (Fukuen Misato) is such a fun character to watch! XD


Tsuritama could be an anime everyone could say is near perfect. As an original anime by A-1 Pictures, the company that brought us AnoHana and Ao no Exorcist which I both really love, this anime just turned out expectedly brilliant. I initially described this as an anime in between Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Kimi to Boku. but I guess making that statement was wrong. As an original anime with 12 episodes and aired in the noitaminA slot, everything worked out pretty fine. Like most people had said, comparing this to the other noitaminA anime which was adapted, Tsuritama had that really great advantage of being an original series. AND of course, I couldn't agree more. Tsuritama had that really great story and character development. At first, I thought that it's going to be an anime about fishing but turns out, fishing was just its way of getting into its real theme - yeah, it's the typical friendship thing. Main character Haru (Irino Miyu) has got to be one of the best characters this season. He's very fun to watch - seeing how he really wants to understand humans - and I really like how he brought out the best of everyone around him: Sanada Yuki (Ohsaka Ryota), Usami Natsuki (Uchiyama Kouki) and Yamada Akira (Sugita Tomokazu). The art is very beautiful. The colors are so vivid and despite the second half being serious and a little dark, the colors are still as bright as before. Newbie seiyuu, Ohsaka Ryota, had done a really great job with Yuki and Irino Miyu had done a really great job with Haru. The concluding episode wasn't really the most memorable one for me but it did tear me up a little(:

This series has got to be something for everyone to watch most especially those who likes series which focuses on friendship, comedy-drama and slice of life anime. AND I'm pretty sure that everyone would like Tapioca :3

[1]Sakamichi no Apollon

I'm pretty much aware that most people out there would choose Tsuritama over Sakamichi no Apollon but certainly won't be influenced. The number one argument here has got to be how well thought out Tsuritama had been as an anime and how rushed Sakamichi no Apollon had been during those last few episodes. Of course there's no helping in that part. Even I was disappointed and how many issues they are trying to tackle with one single episode and how fast they were resolved. As a 45-chapter manga being adapted as a 12-episode anime, I just know it'll be difficult. There'll be struggles and fast pacing is the only way to finish everything disregarding the idea of making it a 2-cour anime which could have been the best idea.  Anyway, let me get to Sakamichi no Apollon's good bits. First off, the best thing I like about this series is the drama. I'm a huge fan of drama anime despite how much I cry over them. Tezuka Productions in collaboration with MAPPA, I love how much the setting is made in here. With a setting of Japan in 1966, I couldn't really say how accurate everything had been but it made me feel that it's 1960's with the characters designs, the background art, the overall art style and the music. Yes, the music especially. I'm really in love with Sakamichi no Apollon's soundtrack. I'm listening to it over and over with Someday My Prince will Come, My Favorite Things, Apollon Blue and Moanin' as my favorites :3 Thanks to the amazing Kanno Yoko for the amazing soundtrack. The script done by Kakihara Yuuko is also amazing. BUT of course, the overall success of Sakamichi no Apollon can be blame to its director, Watanabe Shinichiro. The concluding episode had made me cry so much, I notice that I was actually crying because of happiness - and this only happened to me when I was watching Bakuman.. It's the first time in another series. That final episode was just one of my favorites. It did came out pretty fast but I actually like its pacing… Even though how much I'd want to talk about it, I won't since I might end up spoiling stuffs.

Sakamichi no Apollon is definitely a must to watch most especially to both drama and music fans. Of course, Sakamichi doesn't only tackle the romance-drama but an overall drama which relates to personal problems and family problems. Probably the best thing about this is that its' very easy to relate to the characters and they are very easy to sympathize to.

~the rest of my final impressions can be found here: Spring Conclusion and 2nd Half.
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