czai's Spring 2015 Anime List!


It feels good to be back on watching anime. Since my vacation started, I've finished around 3 anime series, two of which already have reviews posted :) I also finished PSYCHO-PASS 2 recently and I'm currently writing my review for it.

I'm pretty late on posting my anime list for Spring but I'm not giving so much deal on it right now since I won't be watching these shows as they air. I'll just wait for them finish THEN I'll marathon everything.

ANYWAY, this season's lineup didn't really capture me. I always LOVE spring anime season (along with fall) but it seems that this year's lineup didn't really lit up a spark in me. But hopefully, by the end of the season, I'll be very interested in many of them (I'll continue to stalk a few anime blogs and see how these anime will hold up).

What I'm only eagerly looking forward to this season are Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (Oregairu) and Ace of Diamond 2. Oregairu is one of those anime series that I really love with because of the characters (well maybe I'm only talking about Hachiman). AND just when Ace of Diamond is about to come to an end, they announced a second season coming up. Best thing about it is that there won't even be a break from the end of season 1 to season 2. I definitely NEED to finish season one already!

Aside from these two, I got interested in  the remake/TV version/adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. I've never seen the original one so I guess this is my chance to finally watch this. Then there's Digimon's 15th year anniversary. I only watched Digimon until the 4th installment, Digimon Frontiers. But finding out that the original characters are returning, I can't stop myself from feeling excited for this. There's also the odd looking shoujo-romance series Ore Monogatari! It kind of feels like a funny rom-com anime right here. With Madhouse handling this funny looking series, I'm quite sure it'll go well :)

- will watch -

Ace of Diamond S2 (Production I.G x MADHOUSE)
Why I'll Watch: (1) because I really, really, REALLY, love the first season although I haven't completed it yet. But I'm going there, really, (2) I'm really in love with the characters of this series, (3) the collaboration of Production I.G and MADHOUSE is beyond EPIC!
Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru. Zoku (feel.)
Why I'll Watch: (1) I mean why not?, I LOVED the first season, (2) this is one of those slice of life anime wherein I never got bored at all, (3) Hachiman is one of my fave MCs - I really enjoyed him!,
Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka (J.C. Staff)
Why I'll Watch: (1) when I first saw the novel in Yen Press, I got pretty interested especially since that bloodydamn title is eye catching, (2) seeing Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as the MC makes me feel that this is going to be some harem anime - well the title does suggest that anyway

Ghost in the Shell (Production I.G)
Why I'll Watch: (1) it's a psychological, sci-fi, mecha anime produced by Production I.G, (2) while I've never seen the movie series, I see this around a lot and sometimes see people rave about it
Digimon Adventure tri. (Toei Animation)
Why I'll Watch: (1) I've seen the original series as a kid and seeing these characters again especially in their teenage years is bloodydamn sweet,
Gunslinger Stratos: the Animation (A-1 Pictures)
Why I'll Watch: (1) while it's based from a Square Enix game, just seeing Urobuchi Gen right there in the staff makes me want to watch this. Even though he won't be the one writing it, seeing him there makes me want eager to see this.
Denpa Kyoushi (A-1 Pictures)
Why I'll Watch: (1) it sounds like a good school-comedy, (2) Kamiya Hiroshi is playing the bloodydamn MC, (3) this rom-com anime is being animated by A-1 Pictures, (4) the synopsis sounds pretty fun - from physics genius to a NEET to a teacher!

Ore Monogatari!! (MADHOUSE)
Why I'll Watch: (1) it's a 2-cour rom-com anime and I'm pretty much a rom-com fan, (2) the synopsis sounds generic except the guy who saved the heroine looks bloodydamn shit
Punch Line (MAPPA)
Why I'll Watch: (1) it's a MAPPA original series airing in the noitaminA block, (2) I don't know much about this but judging by the way it looks, I'd say it'll be a fun and colorful series and funny (with a lot of panchira shots, I guess... based on the PV)
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (LINDENFILMS)
Why I'll Watch: (1) I've seen a few episodes of the jdrama version and I somehow enjoyed it. And I do think that it'll be better as an anime, (2) Ohsaka Ryota is Yamada (even after a season or 2 of being away from anime, I'm still fangirling over Ohsaka Ryota, LOL), (3) it's another rom-com anime
Kekkai Sensen (Bones)
Why I'll Watch: (1) the synopsis feels like a book (LOL), (2) I watched the PV and it's bloodydamn intense - action, supernatural, adventure

- will still think about watching -

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu (Satelight)
Why I’m still thinking about it: First of all, seriously? It's being animated by Satelight? Satelight has pretty decent to good art and animation but what happened to Haruhi series and KyoAni? ohwell, this is still something I'll think about since I was never a fan of the original series to begin with.
Owari no Seraph (Wit Studio)
Why I’m still thinking about it: That plot is bloodydamn convenient but ANYWAY it still hasn't convince me to feel excited or even be so such to waste some of my time for this. Seeing Wit Studio (Attack on TitanHoozuki no Reitetsu) handle this vampire-killing anime makes me interested.
Plastic Memories (Dogakobo)
Why I’m still thinking about it: It sounds like some shit anime, generic, nothing new to offer... but there's this part of me that wants to give this one a try or a chance or at least I'd still like to consider this because of the staff. I read from another blog that the writer for this one is Hayashi Naotaka - the scenario writer for ChaoS;HEAdSteins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes. The director is Fujiwara Yoshiyuki who also directed GJ-bu and Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged to the Unidentified).
Arslan Senki (Sanzigen x LINDENFILMS)
Why I’m still thinking about it: I'm not completely confident about my relationship with anime historical-fiction  x fantasy but the original character designs are by Arakawa Hiromu (Fullmetal AlchemistSilver Spoon). I'm quite sure others would praise this just by seeing how beautiful this is but really I'm doubting myself.

Ame-iro Cocoa (EMT²)
Why I’m still thinking about it: This is another all boys anime that will most likely give that shounen-ai vibes. I can already feel it just by reading the synopsis and looking at the picture. But I'm kind of into trying stuff like this that's why it's here.
Hibike! Euphonium (Kyoto Animation)
Why I’m still thinking about it: KyoAni is a hit or miss for me and the music genre has so far been not my type of watch (unless we're talking about a certain anime set in the 1960s that involved jazz music). I trust KyoAni's animating ability. I'm sure it'll be superb but if it'll give off the annoying K-ON! vibe, then no thank you.
Shokugeki no Souma (J.C. Staff)
Why I’m still thinking about it: It's about food, it's about cooking. SO far I'm quite find with food related shows but really that PV sets me off. I'm checking a few early reviews first to see how I'll go with this one ;)
Nisekoi S2 (SHAFT)
Why I’m still thinking about it:  I didn't enjoy the first season that much but I'd really like to know how the rest of the series will be adapted, and besides I stopped reading the manga and I think this season will cover those I missed.
- sequels to shows I've yet to watch -

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (A-1 Pictures)
Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works S2 (ufotable)
Baby Steps S2 (Studio Pierrot)
Hello! Kiniro Mosaic (Studio Gokumi)
Gintama゚ (Sunrise)
Sidonia no Kishi: Dai-kyuu Wakusei Sen-eki (Polygon Pictures)
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