[REVIEW] As the Crow Flies

Series: DI Nick Dixon #1
 Damien Boyd
 adult, mystery, crime fiction, thriller, suspense, contemporary
 January 20, 2015 (first published April 19, 2013)
 Thomas & Mercer

Rock climbers can’t afford to make careless mistakes. But Detective Inspector Nick Dixon’s former climbing partner, Jake Fayter, died doing just that. Or so it seems. Dixon suspects foul play, but his only leads are unreliable accounts of something odd happening in Cheddar Gorge seconds before Jake fell. 
The more Dixon learns about Jake’s life, the more he realises that Jake hadn’t been quite the man he remembered...and a lot of people could have wanted him dead. Once Dixon gets too close to the truth, those people will emerge from the shadows and kill to protect their secrets. 
As the body count rises, Dixon bends the rules to breaking point to lure out a killer and unravel a conspiracy of silence that will rock the sleepy town of Burnham-on-Sea to its core. 
As the Crow Flies is the electrifying first novel in the DI Nick Dixon Crime Series.

*             *             *

I picked up As the Crow Flies simply because I LOVE crime fiction. I enjoy reading through intense interviews, detective's intuitions and doubts, looking at crime scenes, statements, and people's profiles, and guessing the bloodydamn suspect/murderer.

The Mystery! As the Crow Flies takes on the death of Jake Fayter, DI Dixon's friend and former climbing partner. Jake died while rock climbing. While it completely looks like a mere accident, his parents don't believe so. They asked Dixon to look over the accident only to find out things they do not know about Jake.

Solving the Case. DI Dixon immediately caught my interest. For some reasons, he reminded me of Cormoran Strike and it's certainly a positive note. His investigation of Jake's incident runs along with another case. This other case clearly shows how he works -  dangerous but he'd only do it when he's so sure. Dixon is definitely a MUST to follow.

As the investigation on Jake's incident goes, Dixon finds himself overwhelmed with the things he found out about his friend - things he never thought Jake would do. I really wish that there's more to Dixon. I mean sure I see some parts of his life but there doesn't seem to have any or much development at all. Since this is a series, I'm hoping to see more of him.

Another thing I like in here is how thorough Dixon is (perhaps one of the things that reminded me of Cormoran Strike). He'd look over photographs, everything Jake's gadgets have, everyone involved, profiles of the people involved, and a lot more things. It greatly absorbed me into the investigation.

As the Crow Flies is a fast pace thriller. I never stops at one thing. Each revelation made me think, made me want to read more, yet there were a couple of times that I feel that they didn't move  the case forward. Even more, it disappointed me that a statement was set aside in the end. But as a whole, it had a very great take on crime fiction - it was quick. it was interesting. it was intriguing. it was thrilling.

Revelation. It's all very interesting and I honestly found myself eagerly looking forward to the outcome of the investigation.When Dixon was an inch close to revealing the culprit,
 I had my guess and I somehow got it right but went into a very unexpected turn. The ending had its good and disappointing side but I ended up loving it more than getting disappointed.

Overall, As the Crow Flies is an intense and gripping mystery-thriller. There could be more to what is shown of DI Dixon in here and I'd really love to read more of him. He's a really exciting addition to the time crime fiction genre.

*             *             *

What I Like: (1) DI Nick Dixon - really great detective right here although he could use some developments, (2) the fast paced mystery, (3) DI Dixon's thorough investigation, (4) the unexpected ending, 

What I Didn’t Like: (1) how some parts of the investigations were set aside, (2) the absence of development on DI Dixon

~this book was provided in exchange for an honest review~

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