Series: the Warchild #1
Ernie Lindsey 
 young adult, science fiction, dystopia, post apocalyptic, fantasy, adventure, action, thriller
 June 12, 2014
Publisher: JCL Publishing
Purchase: Amazon

The world ended long before Caroline Mathers was born, but that doesn't mean life stops for the fourteen-year-old army scout for the People's Republic of Virginia. 
With a civil war brewing on the horizon, she slinks through the forests surrounding her encampment, monitoring the woods for nomadic bands of criminals, all while keeping a watchful eye on her dangerous northern enemies from the Democratic Alliance. 
Caroline's worst fears come true the day she hears the terrifying boom of distant drums beating to the war rhythm, echoing throughout their quiet valley. With some help from two unlikely allies, Caroline leads her people in a breathtaking retreat, praying they'll find salvation in their capitol city. Along the way, haunting dreams may reveal a look into her mystifying past. 
The first book of the Warchild trilogy series is a young adult dystopian thriller full of fast-paced action and teen adventure, perfect for those who enjoy the undeniable strength of the human bond. 

*             *             *

I did not expect anything from Pawn since I've never really seen it before. Heck, I don't even know anyone who has read this (must check goodreads then, lol). But the good thing about not expecting is that you easily appreciate a story, a book, more.

Pawn is a dystopian novel that's got a nice world building, great characters, thrilling action and adventure. While I do not approve of the world they live in - being divided by belief system - the way Ernie Lindsey wrote it totally absorbed me. It's your usual scifi-dystopian novel where the heroine's got a big role to play and struggles to face things.

Caroline is such a relatable heroine. She's got the power, the strength, to save everyone yet she has no idea how to control it. While other heroines would go about romance problems and such (which sometimes annoyed me), Caroline struggles to be brave, to lead, to make decisions, to take responsibility. She's scared of leading the lives of so many people. She's scared of giving them hope that she may or may not be able to fulfill. She's scared of making big decisions that involves a lot of people. I LOVE the development of Caroline's character. She faces things and try to take them one at a time. She's scared but she tries to be brave and it never felt forced out. 

I enjoyed the adventure side of the story. It was thrilling and action pack. There's always something going on and for Caroline to worry about. Each arc of the adventure had Caroline thinking about her biggest dilemma - leading the people who believes in here.How Caroline faced the things and how she slowly learns and realizes things from them is really one of the things I love in here.

OVERALL, Pawn is a nicely written (and maybe slightly unnoticed) post-apocalyptic, dystopian novel. It's a MUST READ for those who enjoy the genre. Pawn has a great heroine, nicely developed world, and a thrilling pace.

*             *             *

What I Like: (1) Caroline and how she was developed, (2) the interesting world - Caroline's ability, the division: the PRV and the DAV, (3) the thrilling action, (4) Finn, James, and other secondary charatcers, (5) the twists

What I Didn’t Like: nothing in particular :)

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