re-watching Kimi ni Todoke: because watching 2 shoujo series isn't enough

I can't remember the last time I watched Kimi ni Todoke. prior to this re-watch I just did last night. I can't even remember clearly how the ending of S2 went. What I do remember is that it's mostly drama and misunderstanding and Miyano Mamoru voicing Miura Kento. LOL.

This is my first time re-watching this series and it's all because of Sukitte Ii na yo.. Throughout watching this episode, it makes me feel as if it's my first time watch it. I enjoyed every bit of it. Also I actually remembered everything that's going to happen in here because I've seen the live drama months ago. I really like Kuronuma Sawako's (Noto Mamiko) character - how she tries to approach people when they drop something, how she wanted to do things the class doesn't want to do, how she wants to live up to their expectations of her knowing ghost stories and such. As for Kazehaya Shouta (Namikawa Daisuke), I like how he tries to approach Sawako, how he looks cute in being shy in front of her and how he admits that Sawako doesn't understand him.

I remember someone telling me that Kazehaya is actually the 'girly' type of guy. Of course as someone who likes him (and likes the romance between Kazehaya and Sawako), I didn't immediately accept the idea. I thought about it a little. Watching this episode, I somehow understood what he meant. The scene where Kazehaya and Sawako talked right after Sawako was going on how Kazehaya was 100% Cool (LOL) gave me the notion. Seeing Kazehaya blush in front of Sawako and not even look at her was pretty funny (in a good way) and seeing how Sawako was mostly the one complementing him could probably be a part of that. It's like they've switched roles in terms of being shoujo series. LOL. But hey, that's what's unique about their relationship. I actually like them like that :3 I actually like how Kazehaya's being shy and sometimes awkward around Sawako. I also like how Sawako never notices Kazehaya's feelings forw her because of her lack of social interaction.

This episode reminded me that Kazehaya actually liked Sawako right from the beginning. He liked her ever since the day she gave him directions :D Sawako, on the other hand, only admired Kazehaya's character - his coolness and popularity.

The art is very beautiful. The art style and character designs of Kimi ni Todoke done by Production I.G. is really inviting. Comparing it to other shoujo series I've seen, it's definitely different. The art and coloring style reminds me of Usagi Drop which was done by the same production company. The music is really great and I was just able to appreciate it now. I really just don't care about stuff like that when I first watched this series which was like more than 2years ago.

Anyway, after going over this episode, I would like to give time and re-watch this series. I'll think about blogging my thoughts as I re-watch this series but not on a weekly or episodic basis. After watching this episode, it just made me like it even more. This is definitely my fave shoujo-romance yet. And no, I don't think any shoujo series right now can over take this one for me~

~and no, this is not a review. This is just me talking about one of my fave series :D
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