[WEEKLY MUSING] Binge reading a series. Yes? No? Sometimes?

the series that you should be reading right now.

A couple of months ago before deciding to pick up The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, I was wondering whether I should or should not read it. I was wondering whether I should or should not wait for the final book. I was wondering whether I should read The Infinite Sea right after reading The 5th Wave or not since I already have it.

me and binge reading book series.
Personally, I don't binge read series. I've only done it once. When I finally got Golden Son by Pierce Brown, I decided to reread Red Rising before diving into the sequel. It was really refreshing. I was able to recall things I kind of forget and all the feels came rushing back to me (there weren't really so much in Red Rising but really, all the emotions of the characters came back to me). 

When rereading Red Rising worked for me, I tried rereading Unwind when I finally got UnSouled and UnDivided. Unfortunately, it did not work. I'm betting it's because I decided to pick up Unwind along with another book then my book slump happen and now, I still gotten around rereading it. Don't know when it'll happen but I doubt I'll binge read it. Actually right now I just want to jump right into UnSouled since I can still somehow remember what happened in the last two books. But I'd still think about it.

why binge read a series?
... because the entire series is already out? ...because you haven't started the series and the final one is just a month (or less) from being released? ...because for some reasons you bought the book set?

I think that there are books that are good to binge read and there are those that you can go read in-between other books. I think that thrilling series are best read continuously just because they build so many questions and they have strong (and sometimes annoying) cliffhangers. They make you go: wtf would happen now!? must pick up the next book!! And you know that it sucks when you find out that the series you're reading still doesn't have the next book and you have this feeling of eating someone if they don't give you the next book.

While this is what I think, I (obviously) don't practice this since I'm not a binge series reader. I want to let myself get over a book a little bit. What I usually do is that I read something different from my recent read. It helps me get over the book. I don't binge read but if I really, really LOVE the series I guess I can make way to binge read it (like what happened to Red Rising).

How about you guys, do you binge read a series? Do you read them as they are release or do you wait for them to be completed? Do you reread previous books before proceeding to the next (or upcoming) one? OR are you like me who just don't?

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