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I'm sorry for the lack of content. I've been generally busy and always too tired almost every single day. But I've been reading. In fact, I recently finished Since You've Been Gone which I really, REALLY LOVED! Reviews will start coming up again starting this week. For now, let's talk about the 36th Manila International Book Fair!! :D

Expectations vs Reality.
Wednesday, September 16, the 36th Manila International Book Fair officially opened. It's just my second time. I went there with a friend at around 1PM and left at around 5PM.

If you've been following my blog and reading my posts, you'll know that I've been saving up for this day. I was so excited for this because:
(1) Bigger selection of books. MIBF had so many books but it didn't have some of the books I was expecting such as Neal Shusterman books and a couple of art books. Just WTH? WTH!?
(2) Discounted books. Who doesn't want discounted books? Everything at Fullybooked and National Bookstore is 20% off. I panic and grabbed everything I want then realized later on that I cannot afford everything and I cannot carry all of them. SO I brought some of them back such as the books from the Mara Dyer series.
(3) It's fun to just be surrounded by books. Crazy thought right here. I know. Everywhere I look, there are books. Fictions I've been thinking about reading. Classics I wanted to try out. Art books I wanted to own. Book readers who're talking to fellow books readers.
(4) I met up with a friend whom I saw 1year ago. I really, really wanted to see her, and talk to her. We caught up with what's happening in each other's life. It was fun. We walked around the MIBF venue while talking and checking out books and buying them.

My Book Haul.
I had fun in the Book Fair. While I was not able to get many of books I wished to buy, I was still able to get several of those I've been thinking of doing so. And some of which were just some spontaneous grabs - saw them, thought they were beautiful, or interesting, or whatever else, then bought them - such as that red book.

The books are flipped. They will be revealed on my monthly book haul post. Here're some thoughts on these though
(1) the last two books are art books. One of which is a lettering guide (and it's honestly disappointing. Ugh. Money wasted right there) and the other one is a manga drawing guide and I really like it. I was hoping to get more art books but they're quite expensive.
(2) that thick book is a recently released book. One that almost every blogger is raving about yet whose series I have not even started (so much of a gamble? I just bought the entire series this book fair and hopefully I won't be disappointed).
(3) the red book is a classic. I saw this set of classic books with really fancy book covers and I told myself I should get them but decided to just buy one. I really hope I'll be able to see them again.
(4) that white book is my first book from an popular author who's releasing a book by the end of this month. This book was just released last year.
(5) the only hardcover book is debut book released this year. It's a road trip book with a girl on top of a vehicle for a cover. I've read positive reviews on this one so when I saw this, I never let it go :D

~that's it for now. I'm really hoping to share everything to you guys soon. I was able to buy 15 books and my friend bought 1 book for me as a late birthday gift.

just some of the books I bought at #MIBF2015

Did you guys went to the Manila International Book Fair as well? What books did you bought? If you did not go (or generally cannot go because you're from another country), how do you feel about being in a book fair where in everything is discounted? 

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