25 Booking Facts About Me

random photo. this is The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy, btw

This is perhaps the first time I'm actually posting a tagged post. For those who previously tagged me, I'm sorry but I'll try to look for them and try to accomplish them (no promises made though). Raffy from Eccentric Everything tagged me to post 25 Bookish Facts About Me. Thanks Rafyy!

So let's do this!

1. I read multiple books at once. Not reading two books at the same time, that's weird and impossible. Well you know what I mean. I usually read one physical book and one ebook. And they have to be of entirely different genres just so I don't get confused when I read. I actually read the same genre like two times now and I hated myself for it. I got confused!!

2. My all time favorite author is Neal Shusterman. I read Unwind years ago (a year or two before Unwholly was actually a book). I have a few more Shusterman books in my TBR shelf and I will practically read anything he writes.

3. I read anytime and anywhere. I read when I commute to and from school. I read while I wait in lines or in between classes. I even read during classes. I read before I sleep. I read the moment I wake up. (I'm a slow reading machine)

4. My fave book genres are: YA dystopian science fiction, historical fiction, crime fiction (doesn't matter if suspense-thriller, cozy mystery, or YA). Recommend me any good books you can think of :)

5. I didn't enjoy Shadow & Bone and Young Elites as much as everyone else did. Sorry. But I'll try to read it again. I promise :)

6. I tend to stupidly browse pages when I read (which sometimes end up me getting spoiled. bad habit right here!).

7. It takes me at least an hour to pick a book to buy in a bookstore. don't we all?

8. I'm not fond of watching book adaptations. Setting aside the argument that books are better than movies, I'm just not fond of watching movie. period.

9. I've only gone to one booksigning event && one release event. I'd want to go to more events but public signing events here in the Philippines are just so crowded!! but if Neal Shusterman or Pierce Brown visits, I WILL GO REALLY EARLY AND MAYBE EVEN STAY OVERNIGHT just to be first in line.

10. I recently finish The Lunar Chronicles series (just me being random, can't think of any right now). It was sooooo great but admittedly though, I had my disappointment (but that's for another post, a review will be up soon!).

11. I want my book series to have the same editions. It's not just about being OCD or what but don't they look prettier when they're uniformed - I mean matching covers and sizes and all.

12. Sometimes I spend around 5 to 10 to 15 minutes just staring at my bookshelf. It isn't big like most of you guys but just looking at them makes me smile :)

13. I arrange my books according to author names. And I have a specific shelf for my fave books, read books, and to-be read books (and a Lisi Harrison Shelf. just because... I'm hoping to have a Neal Shusterman and Agatha Christie shelf soon~).

14. I keep a book journal (although I don't use it all the time.. but I have written there.. just some immediate reactions when I'm reading. I enjoy reading it. haha).

15. I download kindle ebook freebies. a lot! lol. (I'm usually like: why not? they're free anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

16. My current genre addiction is crime fiction/suspense-thriller-mystery. I do not know why. I guess the whole guessing game and interrogation and snooping around is just getting into me.

17. I LOVE taking photos of books. Instagram right here!

18. I started reading books when I was in 2nd yr high school, 14yrs old. My sister, Gelleesh, forced me to read Darkness Before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper (although I honestly admit that I cannot remember a thing about that book).

19. At 17yrs of age, I stopped reading for anime but went back at 20 when I read Agatha Christie's Nemesis.

20Unwind by Neal Shusterman opened up my interest in YA dystopian science fiction.

21. I'm not fond of thick books - books with over 600 pages or so. I'm sorry. I usually like my books at 400 to 500 pages. Sorry I suck. But thick books just overwhelm me. But I also don't want really short ones.

22. I'm a slow reader. It takes me a few days to finish a book. When I'm busy, it takes me a couple of weeks. I know, I suck -___-

23. I'm currently reading Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver && A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal. (I know I'm being super random now. I just can't think of any!!).

24. I use page markers - you know, those tiny colored piece of paper you put to mark pages with quotes, fancy scenes and such. lol. But yeah, I use those just so I can look back on quotes and important character development or just to reread some fancy scene :)

25. I don't want to DNF (is DNF a legit verb now? lol) any book. When I think I can't finish it, I set it aside and go back to it when I think I'm ready. I believe that I can read any book, I just need the right mood and mindset for it :)

*             *             *

Wow, this post actually took me two days to write. It turns out more difficult than I thought (lol) though I'm sure I'll have a surge of ideas once this thing is posted. So yeah... that happens :)

How about you guys, can you tell me a few booking facts about you? Do we have anything similar?

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