[WEEKEND READS] Winter + Broken Angels


It's bee a while since I last did a post like this. It's just that I've been busy and lazy. Yes, I juts have to admit it like that. I've also been reading. I'm really proud at myself for clearing out a couple of Netgalley books this past week. A couple more in this coming week :)

ANYWAY, last Saturday, I went to a release event of a Filipino indie author which I'll be sharing tomorrow. I haven't read it but I will soon and expect a review! I'd really want to get around Filipino written books especially those written in Filipino. Soon, my friends :)

Finding Hope | Colleen Nelson
While contemporary isn't my strongest genre, I still enjoy it. But Finding Hope just didn't clicked with me. I've read reviews that were realy positive but my experience with this just wasn't the same as them. I ranted about this book here in my review (while still trying my best to remain a bit objective as I pointed out what I liked about it).
Lost Girls (D.I. Kim Stone #3) | Angela Marsons
This is my fave D.I. Kim Stone novel right now. The next book will be out next month (so things might change for me). Everything I LOVE about this book are mentioned on my review which is scheduled for Monday :) Look out for that if you're interested with crime fictions.

Broken Angels | Gemma Liviero
Winter (the Lunar Chronicles #4) | Marissa Meyer
I know it's taking me forever to read this. This doesn't mean I don't like it though. It's just a personal issue about tackling thick books (maybe I'll do a post about it). I really love that this book has a lot of things going on. I like it when there's always something happening. No dull moments. Really. I'm just... well... suckish at reading thick books. But this weekend. I promise.

Vanishing Girls | Lauren Oliver
Honestyly speaking, I started this book. I read a couple of chapters of this a week ago because I wanted to bring a book when I went out but Winter was sooooo heavy.. so I settled with this one. I honestly like it. Here's hoping I'll end up loving it :)
A Front Page Affair (Kitty Weeks Mystery #1) | Radha Vatsal
If you've read my review of Brooklyn on Fire, you'd know that I'm in love with historical crime fictions. Okay, I've only read that one particular book the fell to the genre but now I'd really love get around more of that. I got A Front Page Affair at Netgalley. Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark! I'm also participating in the book's tour this May to June. So watch out for that! :)

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How about you guys, what books have you recently finished? What are you reading right now? How is it, are you enjoying it? What do you plan to read next?

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