Nisekoi - Chapter 11 & Chapter 12

There's always one description that comes to my mind whenever I need to describe Nisekoi. It's fast. Really fast. 

Chapter 11: Keyhole
ANDDDDD, Raku wasn't able to open the locket :))

Raku's WTF face = EPIC!

It was both funny and weird that the key to the girls locker room looked vintage than Raku mistaken it as the key to his locket but we all know that he's not mistaken when it comes to the girl that he's suspicious of. AND I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of Raku's WTF face. LOL.

who wouldn't fall for a dead serious face like that? :))
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the main highlight of this chapter is Raku's act of hero when he saved Chitoge when she had cramps (for not doing proper warm up). When saw Chitoge drowning, he didn't even think, he just jump into the water and saved Chitoge. The funny thing was when Shuu was fooling around again and said that Chitoge wasn't breathing and needs CPR AND Raku was the only one capable of doing so. Ah, Shuu sure is one funny guy.

Onodera, on the other hand, just keeps on praising Raku while Ruri is still in doubt of Raku and Chitoge's relationship. Moreover, I seriously thought back then that she knows that Raku's the promised guy, but it seems that Onodera haven't told her. I guess it's better that way? Or is it? Guess it doesn't even make a difference, right?

Chapter 12: Spoiler
Okay, I seriously didn't see that coming.

Chitoge's attempt to say "thank you" to Raku for saving her sure was funny. Probably the funniest one was when Chitoge was saying thank you for saving her while Raku was thinking of the kiss. LOL. Misunderstanding sure is funny.

Anyway, the main highlight on this chapter was Chitoge's confession to Onodera and Ruri about her situation with Raku. Well, we all know that Raku has also shared the story to Shuu, so I guess it isn't much of a surprise that Chitoge will tell someone else about it BUT I seriously didn't had the idea that she'll tell it to Onodera and Ruri and this early of the story. BUT she sure did hide the fact that her household is full of gangsters but I guess it's also a pretty good idea to hide that.

On Onodera's part of the story, it looks like she has more motivation on confessing to Raku BUT it sure was un-motivating whenever Chitoge would say something about someone liking Raku as if it's entirely impossible to like him. BUT at the end of the chapter did showed us that she'll confess. I wonder when and how. The shy and innocent Onodera is definitely someone I'd like to see confess(:
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