Kokoro Connect - 09 + 10

Another double post and hopefully my final double episode post for the season. I'll try to keep it short because I noticed that my recent Arcana Famiglia post was sooo long because I lost track of writing and kept going with everything that's on my mind.

Episode 9
There are two main things that happened in this episode. The first one being Yui finally able to get out of her room thanks to the joint persuasion by Taichi and Aoki. This part had been a really funny one. And I have to admit that Aoki's explanation of the desire over a desire was pretty good and effective. Having a greater desire is something that seem to convince Yui to finally get out of her room. And Aoki's example is really funny I can't helped but still think about it right now. LOL.

The second half of the series focuses on Inaba and how she's avoiding having an episode (her desire being unleashed). It seems pretty weird that she's hiding herself when she was actually the one who lectured Yui about lessening Heartseed's entertainment. I wasn't really surprised for Heartseed to finally point it out and but approaching Inaba was kind of a change. I guess doing something uncalled for is something he won't be doing the second time around. Besides, if worse comes to worst, he can just unleash a pretty big time desire of Inaba that would give him so much entertainment.

As for what happened between Inaba and Heartseed, I'm not really surprised with Inaba not having friends before the club members. It does seem to go with her character well. So I guess this is where her problem will come in. With what Heartseed told her, it was pretty surprising to see an entirely new Inaba the next day. It's as if there's nothing wrong with the situation huh?

Episode 10
Inaba had always been the predictable type of character for me. And probably that's one of the reasons why I like her so much. This episode gave us another close up on Inaba and the only surprising thing that came to me here is Inaba confessing to Taichi :3 and even kissing him xD

I'm not going through details and stuff. What I really like in this episode was Inaba and Iori's exchange of words. The biggest thing that made their exchange of words pretty interesting was because of Iori's episode. She just had to bring it all out on Inaba. Although I have no idea which of the things she said were part of her desire and which were not but there's one thing I'm pretty sure of. They're both going to compete to get Taichi now :3

Inaba's issue of not having friends before was the main reason she's sulking. She did explained it well and it looks more like typical teen drama to me. We probably see that most of the time - 'A' making room for 'B' because she knows that 'B' likes 'C' and she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. We see that all the time and that's one of the cutest part of adolescent romance. And Kokoro Connect is no exception.

When Iori suddenly got possessed by Heartseed, I thought that something seriously big will happen. He said: Taichi fell. And I was like: he fell? Where? How did he - wait. What desire unleashed to make him fall? O.O Then next thing I now, Inaba was crying. That part of Inaba really surprised me. She cried that much in front of everybody. O.O

As for Inaba 's confession to Taichi, I have to admit that it was the most surprising part for me in this episode. More importantly, I know that Inaba's the most daring character but I seriously can't believe she just kissed Taichi XD Taichi, on the other hand, had a seriously safe answer (as expected from him). Saying that Iori's the one that he likes right now is also saying that Inaba could or could not be the next one he'll like. Although it does gives hope and it's pretty nice to see that Inaba is okay with that answer. In fact, she likes his answer :3

Finally, there they go again with this scheme coming to an end. Now I'm pretty curious at what'll be the next one. I really can't think of anything interesting :3 Anyway, with a lot more episodes to go, I'm betting that it'll be more dramatic than before. Also, I'm really hoping for some further development of Aoki since I think that he's the most undeveloped character in the series.
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