Tari Tari - 11

We're two episodes away from the concluding episode and I can already see the ending :D

I have to admit that I kind of like how Wakana is so into writing now that she has realize what she needed in doing so. I really like the idea that you'll do something because you like it. Being forced on something isn't really fun. And yeah, I know how it feels. So seeing Wakana just have fun while writing the song made me smile.

As for their preparation for the musical, Konatsu's story isn't even interesting but I guess I'd leave it up to Wakana's music which is what I'm looking forward to the most. We get to hear the last part of the music and with just hearing that, I won't say anything about liking or disliking it. I'd like to listen to the whole song. I wonder if there're lyrics. I'd also like to hear them :3

I really, really, really pity Taichi. Konatsu sure doesn't know how to reject nicely. It's a pain when you can't draw and you're in high school. Well for me it was a pain. HAHA. Being asked to draw when you can't even draw isn't a nice thing even with low expectations. Comparing Taichi's inability to draw to Wakana's difficulty in composing music is an entirely different story.

My pity for Taichi doesn't end with his problem Konatsu telling him not to draw ever again. Saying that bluntly seriously isn't nice but Taichi's problem isn't really that. It's finding someone who could help him with the background for their musical. The funny thing is that, he was able to find someone who could help but he has to take a nice picture of Sawa? :3

With Taichi's mission to get a picture of Sawa, I have a good feeling that he'll like her soon enough. Have you just seen him look at her while she was dancing? :3 Now I'm interested :">

Now I see the problem in here. I did notice at the episode where the principal talks with the chairman that the problem will involve the entire school. I just wanted a confirmation before saying anything. With this episode clearing everything, the school will be no more and the White Festival is cancelled. That problem is where the choir club will come in and save the day (or so I think).

How will the choir club save the school? They did gave a hint in this episode. They'll have their own White Festival. I'm not entirely sure what good it will do other than having the entire student body do the same - push through with the festival - or the chairman will be moved by their hard work and performance and he'll stop the construction and all (which is not entirely impossible but less possible than the previous one).

Looking at how TARI TARI is going, I'd say that it had been a pretty predictable series with good bits of drama and a little disappointing development on the male characters (as I have always been saying). I have to honestly admit that I actually thought that I'd love this series given its genre and production company. I guess things won't always go the way we want them to.
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