Kokoro Connect - 11

Now that a new scheme opens, I'd say that it turned out pretty interesting again. Not that Kokoro Connect had gotten bad or anything :3

I guess going back in time is a pretty good way of further knowing yourself. Although this scheme is definitely something that is probably giving a hint. Although I still have no idea what is it about Taichi not being included in this scheme. Although the appearance of the self-proclaimed second Heartseed saying that Taichi should protect the others as they turn into a child.

Now, I'd like to go over with their new problem. The good thing about what Heartseed did this time was an easily distinguished scheme, the time of when it'll only happen is given and the convenient yet questionable idea that one of them won't turn into his younger self. There could still be a couple of things we (or at least I) don't understand in this scheme.

The most distinguishable part of this scheme was that they can freshly recall the things that happened to them during that age. This gives us more room to know them even more. Plus, I like how we'll finally know more of Aoki since I've been meaning to see some development on him.

Anyway, with how this scheme is going, I'd say that it's going to be messy as well. Nagase seems to be aware that this is once again her chance to see her real self but on the looks of things, it's not going to happen because as what Taichi and Inaba had seen, Nagase's the type who easily adjusts to the person she's with. As for Inaba, she said that she was scared and she's still scared until know. It's probably more of being scared of people and loosing them as well. I can still remember Heartseed saying that Inaba doesn't have friends before. SO she's probably very shy around people when she was still younger. Finally on Aoki, I'm guessing that his feelings for Yui is more of being carried by his feelings on what he's referring to as Nana's older sister (am I right in here?).

Finally, Inaba sure is advancing pretty quick on Taichi :3 Funny how she made fun of Aoki and complemented Taichi. HAHA. XD

I doubt that this will be Heartseed's last scheme given that Kokoro Connect is a 17-episode anime. I'm pretty sure that more drama will be shown in the next episode given the preview and the development of drama on Aoki. I get a feeling that there'll be development on Aoki and Yui's relationship :3
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