1year of AniBlogging: who would have thought I'd make it this far?

I've read from another blog that most new and younger bloggers out there barely last long. And I have to completely agree there. Actually I never expected for myself to reach a year of blogging since I'm someone who easily loses interest on something. Moreover, it's easy to lose interest in blogging when no one's commenting on your posts and you're in this because you want to be popular, get freebies or something.

It's a good thing that I don't have anything in mind when I started blogging other than the idea of writing what's on my mind each episode. There were times I'd get busy and think about stopping but I never really did stop.

Exactly a year back, I posted my very first blog post, ENIGMA - Chapter 48: Uncovered. I'm not entirely sure if my style of writing have changed or what but all I know is that I'm pretty happy that I made it this far. Anyway, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Blacksheep Project, I decided to share some series that made an impact on my anime/manga fandom right now.

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Zoids: New Century / Zero
This series made me watch more anime during 5th grade. Once this series ends, I decided to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters next. It was really funny and weird how I was just bored one day, opened the TV and accidentally watched the first episode of Zoids. It was all out of the blue and since then, I got hooked to shounen anime. Well at least this style of anime which was highly popular back then. I also remember myself buying a couple of zoids but I can't remember which models they were.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
This series is one of those really popular JUMP series out there. The series is still running right now although it had been pretty disappointing. BUT this original series had been the reason why I'm still watching the disappointing spin-off of the franchise right now. Anyway, Yu-Gi-Oh! DM was the first anime series that I got really crazy about. LOL. I used to know all the details in all of the arcs, all the characters, the duels and many monster/magic/trap cards and their effects.
Once Zoids Zero ended, I decided to watch another anime and I came across this series. I know that it was popular; and it was actually the number one reason why I decided to try this series. I remember that the first episode I saw was the duel between Yugi and Weevil during the Duelist Kingdom arc. Next thing I know, I was constantly following it until I saw a re-run which allowed me to watch everything right from the very first episode. I think it took a couple of years until it finishes and when it did, I decided to finish watching another anime (Yakitate!! Japan) and stopped watching anime.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
I decided to watch this series before I went to college. It was just some random idea to get back to watching anime and I wanted to start with the spin-off of the series which I really liked a few years back. I watched 5D's through on-line streaming. It was a pain most especially with a slow internet connection. Anyway, this series has got to be the second anime series which I watched in Japanese dub with English sub (Yakitate!! Japan being the first one). Also this series introduced me to visual kei. The first vk bands I listened to were Kra, Alice Nine and vistlip due to 5D's OP1, ED2 and ED3 respectively.
Despite not being able to finish the sequels/spin-offs of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, I always mark 5D's as the best among the three followed up seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Some even claim it as something better than the original series but I don't really mind. Anyway, when I started watching 5D's, I never really watched another series other than this because I don't really know what to watch. I probably spent a year watching only 5D's and searching more vk bands. Yeah, I suck. HAHA.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
I've always considered Gundam SEED as the series that got me into exploring the mecha genre. Although I haven't really seen a lot right now. I initially watched this in english dub and later re-watched it in Jap-dub/Eng-sub.
Watching Gundam Seed wasn't really by chance like the first two series which I got hook. When we finally got a TV cable, I saw a lot of really beautiful anime and I watched them but never really finished any of them other than Gundam SEED. I even remember watching Ultra Maniac, You're Under Arrest and Galaxy Angels :D ~oh those where the days… Now I barely watch TV and just download everything. HAHA.

Angel Beats!
I know I've said it before and I'm going to say it again. Angel Beats! is the series that got me into watching anime regularly. This is mainly the series that made me realized that anime wasn't only Yu-Gi-Oh!, Zoids, Crush Gear, Digimon, and other famous shounen titles out there. I randomly saw this on YouTube and realized that it was shown on a weekly basis. This series made me watch CLANNAD, Kanon 2006, Air and so on. Currently, it's my favorite series despite the obvious plot holes and criticisms this series is taking on. I've finished the series several times and I'm still not tired on re-watching it over and over.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
This is the first anime that made me want to read manga. The manga of Kaminomi was the first manga that I followed on a weekly basis. Bakuman. just followed. Although I'm not really reading the manga regularly right now since my interest on the series just went down. But still, I'm glad that this series had me hook into reading manga.

This series is the main reason why I started getting in love with voice actors. HAHA. DRRR!! Made me aware of the voice actors and how amazing they are. After watching this series, Kida Masaomi's (Miyano Mamoru) voice got stuck in my head. So I did research and stuff and I ended up getting into voice actors.
I have only re-watch DRRR!! once and I'm pretty sure that I can find time in re-watching it again. Of course DRRR!! isn't only good because of its great cast which got me hook to it. I'm pretty sure that many would agree to me that DRRR!! is one of those outstanding series that seems to get all over the place but brings everything together at the end. AND finally, I think that this series really deserves a second season. Brains Base!! When would you ever think about doing a second season!? o(>A<)o

Nope. This is not an anime. It's a manga that got me interested into and made me search for more psychological series. Of course Doubt is just like every other series out there. It isn't perfect. It has a huge plot hole and there could be a number of people who hates this series. I believe that the build up is pretty good but the second half has gotten a little bit crappy. BUT hey, I read this 20-chapter series with a big exam the next day. LOL. I decided to read this rather than study because of the suspense.

I guess that's all(:

On a last note, thanks to all the readers out there who have been visiting and commenting. Even though I'm not one of those really dedicated and active bloggers, I'm really glad that I was able to grab some regularly readers and people who say that my posts were a good read :D If you're interested to know how I started, you can read it here.

~thanks for reading :D
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