Dokushin Kizoku – First Impression

This one kind of reminded me of Rich Man Poor Woman (which is my current fave jdrama, btw). Okay, I just really have to get that off of me :3
People call him "Noble Bachelor". He works as the president of a filmmaking company which his father established. He possesses a high degree of creativity and carries himself professionally at work. He's satisfied with being single. People call him "Divorce Warrior". He is the younger brother of "Noble Bachelor". While his divorce is being processed, his soon-to-be ex-wife kicks him out of the house. "Divorce Warrior" works with his older brother "Noble Bachelor". His talent lies in his ability to negotiate and having a keen business sense. "Divorce Warrior" is attractive and he's busy dating women. People call her "Marriage Refugee". She dreams of writing a film script, but her love life and work prospects look dim. She is also hates men's view of marriage. "Marriage Refugee" isn't interested in marriage and works hard to achieve her dream. Achieving her dream though isn't easy and she has recently given up on her dream. Now, she does housework as a part-time job. Something unexpected occurs. The lives of these three people cross and their lives begin to change. [MyDramaList]

This series opened up in a very interesting manner with those movie-like scenes showing the lives of our three main characters (MCs). The drama wasn’t very emotional in a sense that you’ll feel for the characters right off the bat. The comedy isn’t exactly many as well but I’m really eyeing on each MC in here and I’m definitely getting the feeling that we’ll have those occasional comedic lines and moments in here just how RMPW does theirs. This is romance-comedy after all.

The synopsis clearly explained the background of each character and I believe that this opening episode has clearly shown these backgrounds well. While “Divorce Warrior” isn’t so interesting to me, he’s probably more of the comedy relief (or so I’d like to believe to), “Noble Bachelor” and “Marriage Refugee” were both pretty interesting characters. If there’s anyone in here that I’ll consider very easy to get into, I’d say it’s “Marriage Refugee” because her story gives off the simple I-went-to-the-city-to-achieve-my-dreams kind of thing. What’s fancy about “Noble Bachelor,” on the other hand, is his attitude. He’s always very professional that he’ll ignore when he has to ignores, attends when he has to, criticizes, praise and other more things. He could be Hyuga Toru (RMPW reference here) in here with that attitude minus the fun and childish occasional sarcasm talk.

Also, the series having a character trying to achieve something and such would definitely give off those occasional inspirational moments. It’s one of my boosters in each series may it be anime, manga or jdrama. It was already done in this episode and I’m eyeing for more of these stuff throughout its run. It’s just a matter of presentation whether it’ll reach its audience or not. Because in some cases, despite how sorry the character’s state is and how much resolution he/she has, if we generally don’t care about them or their goal, the inspirational point won’t get through. I’m really crossing my fingers that this one will be done right and well(:

Acting is superb. I honestly don’t know so much of the actors but I’d have to admit that their acting played a very great role in my impression of this series as a whole. I really have to give praise to the three MC, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Hoshino Mamoru (Noble Bachelor), Ito Hideaki as Hoshino Susumu (Divorce Warrior), and Kitagawa Keiko as Haruno Yuki (Marriage Refugee). Both Kusanagi and Kitagawa were both particularly great here. Kusanagi works well as a responsible, polite yet snob-looking president of a film producing company. His drama at the latter part of the series but his overall performance is pretty good. Kitagawa, on the other hand, reminded me of RMPW’s Natsui Makoto. She’s not exactly the klutzy type of character but her hopeful and easily impressed character makes me think of Makoto. Her drama at the later part of the episode was honestly a lot more easily felt than Kusanagi’s but I guess it mainly depended on the background of their characters.

On a side note, the foreigner actress’s accent was quite funny, had to pause every now and then just to laugh on that. LOL.

Overall, this series is a pretty nice well presented romantic comedy series for this season of jdrama. It’s very enjoyable although it honestly had a pretty slow start for me. It’s recommended for those who enjoyed Rich Man Poor Woman which I compared this to throughout the post(: Now let me think about writing a jdrama series weekly :3
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