Yowamushi Pedal – First Impression

Sports series minus the fan service. Really funny MC here. Decent animation. Pacing is okay but not the most exciting out there.

that moment when you were singing your heart out thinking no one's around :))

Yowamushi Pedal honestly turned out a bit surprising for me. I expected it to be as childish as the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! series (Yu-Gi-Oh!ZeXal) but turns out maybe it’s safe to say that it’s as good as Daiyano Ace with a bit bothering character designs. Yup, definitely my issue here. But given how fun this series is and probably how intense things will be once both Onoda and Imaizumi finally joins the Bicycle Racing Club, I think that I’ll definitely enjoy this series. Full first impression can be read overat Sekijitsu.
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