Yowamushi Pedal 03: just who is that guy?

Onoda after the race.

Unexpectedly thrilling. Animation is great. Cycling jargons @__@ inspirational stuff are starting to come!

It’s a big disappointing that Yowamushi Pedal isn’t exactly getting as much attention as other series this season. While Yowamushi Pedal basically goes around the typical shounen route, not many anime fans seem to care about this series and I’m assuming it’s because of its art. While most of us probably judges a series because of its art, I’d suggest you give this one a shot if you’re a shounen series fan. AND here’s this week’s ending comedy moment.

Welcome to OtakuLand, Imaizumi. Thanks for the Gundam meter-thing. I hope you join Anime Club soon -Onoda Sakamichi

This episode went from that thrilling race to the show of development in relationship between Onoda and Imaizumi. OR maybe it’s more like a development in Imaizumi himself as a result of his thrilling race against Onoda. While there were a couple of cycling jargons here and there, they are all pretty easy to understand because of the many discussions done by the characters. And I’ll tell you this, despite the explanations, the episode was never boring. It was all fun and excitement. The episode ended with another character (the last main character) to be introduced and I’m pretty interested in just who this guy is. I actually have a feeling that he’s a comic relief kind of guys :3 Full episode 3 impression can be read over at Sekijitsu
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