Daiya no Ace 02: Eijun, don’t regret your decision!

Once the episode ended, I started thinking what to write about for this episode of Daiya no Ace since I really wanted to write about this series. So I settled with one of the things that Eijun felt in here…

First off let me talk quickly about this episode. The first half is more about the challenge that opened up between Azuma and Eijun last episode. We see Eijun’s real talent in here and the reason why he’s seriously being recruited by the school. AND you see it’s funny how every movement commentary felt so natural to me. Maybe I got used to these sports moments wherein they’ll talk non-stop or say their inner thoughts as if time has actually stopped. Yup, Daiya no Ace has those moments as well. I’ll definitely never get tired of those :3 Then there’s Eijun’s partner, Miyuki Kazuya, whom I’m sure I’ll be very fond of and he calls himself Eijun’s partner. Turns out he’s a damn amazing catcher.

On the second half of the episode, we get to see Eijun’s dilemma. Now I guess that’s where I come in. This part of the episode reminded me episode of 20 (or something) of SKET Dance (The last episode of the Kaimei Rock Fest arc). The whole point of it is that most of us are scared of the challenge. The challenge of leaving our comfort zone and compete with people who’ll let us grow, see our faults, and point out things we need to improve on.

Okay time to cite things from the episode itself! Let’s read once again Eijun’s father’s words.
I bet you’re just scared to go to Tokyo alone. 
Don’t you want to test your abilities? True, Seidou’s not a normal high school. 
Almost everyone there probably batted fourth and was the ace at their junior high. 
You’re gonna go to a place like that by yourself. I’d be scared too.
But if you don’t follow your heart, you’re gonna regret it forever.
Sometimes we get scared of going somewhere we’ll get challenge with no one to catch us when we fall. We’re scared of new environments most especially when there’s no one else coming with us. The burden of choosing became more difficult for Eijun when he thinks of the fact that he was the one who pushed his friends to play baseball. It was definitely a hard decision and it was quite surprising how it was resolved quickly – how Eijun quickly made up his mind without those moments of actually thinking things through.

Anyway I wasn’t expecting this series to pull a drama right off the bat but I’d have to admit that it was well done, IMO. Their goodbyes were so-so until one of his teammates finally started that it was his fault for not catching the ball blah-blah and finally went on with the we’d-like-to-play-more-baseball-with-Eijun drama. I honestly tear up there. Eijun’s motivation will probably come from here – his teammates.

Seeing the preview of the next episode, looks like Eijun will finally start facing difficulty with adjustment perhaps but however that will be, I’m pretty positive that Daiya no Ace will be able to keep up with its pace :)
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