[WEEKLY MUSING] Finding the time to read.

current read: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey; next read: Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
... because sometimes we're just too busy with real life things.


While I battle with my reading slump, I'll give you guys an update. I'm breezing through my current reads lately. While I am not really loving The Infinite Sea as much as I enjoyed The 5th Wave, I'm still always so motivated to pick the book up every time I can. Damage Done is intriguing and quite suspenseful but the relationship between Julia and Michael just isn't smoothly developed for me.

reading is the best thing ever but real life is important.
Of course it is! I'm balancing my time from doing what regular people do such as eat, sleep, and such, to studying for exams and quizzes, to working on course projects such as my painting project (which still looks quite bad -___-) and our recent petition signing event. Everything's been really crazy lately but I'm so glad that I'm able to work things out. 

Worst part of my week is that I've been sick since Monday. I'm stuck to drinking tea (ohgodIwantmyselfsomecoffee) as suggested by my mom to help lessen the endless coughs along with a medicine. But at least it's really working. I'm feeling a bit better lately :)

how I manage my busy schedule.
With midterms going on and a whole lot of other crazy things because of my enrolled courses this semester is, I'm really doing my best to manage my time balance everything I have - life, studies, reading, blogging, and improving my skills.

Here's my weekday schedule: I (of course) go to school in the morning, relax/sleep for an hour or two or maybe more (depends on how tired I am) after getting home, work on homework (this usually happens after dinner at around 9PM-ish)...

Where do I squeeze in my reading? I read in between everything that's going on. I read when I'm commuting to and from school, when I'm waiting for class to start (when I don't have exams/quizzes), when I'm relaxing in between working on projects/reviewing. It really works for me. It relaxes me and at the same time I get some reading done :D

How about you guys, how do you manage your time? Do you give a specific time for reading? If not, when do you squeeze your reading time?

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